Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shock Market ?

Indians lave lost 20 lk crores this year at Dalal Street. Stock Market seems to be a Shock Market.

The Sensex is now 15.6 K and people have lost optimism. The market is sentimental and not fundamental !

Of course, fundamental analysis and technical analysis will work, but experts feel that BRIC countries will come down by 20% in economic performance.

The term BRIC was coined by Jim ONeill and he feels that BRICS may be affected by the global meltdown. 2012 has been projected as a black year, a year of economic recession !

Astrologically, Jupiter in the adverse 10th and Saturn in the adverse 4th is responsible for this calamity. Even though Jove will become positive by May 04 ( that is his entry into Taurus will be good for India ), Saturn is still there with Ardha Ashatama Sani or 1/4 of 8th Saturn ! Saturn can create impediments and India's overall growth will be affected !

Thursday, December 08, 2011

85% increase in Ecom Investment !

Can you believe it ? In 2011, over 364 ecom companies raised over $4.8 billion in venture capital funding. This is an over increase of 85%.

The potential of the ecom industry in India is huge and celebrities are going gung ho over it.

Criketer Zaheer Khan invested in and Yuvraj Singh also. had raised $18.8 million of late. Salman Khan, the Bollywood hero invested in watch showroom Actor Ajay Devgan and Sanjay Dutt invested in Ticketplease. Vatsal Shah in, an online portal selling celebrity clothes. Shilpa Shetty invested in, a home buying site.

Not only for monetary gains are the ecom sites eyeing, but also the fan following of their glamourous promoters. The celebrities are normally brand ambassadors, benefitting both the company and the celebrity.

Rightly so, as the Net population of 112 million is expected to become 600 million within five years, provided infrastructure is improved !

Thursday, December 01, 2011

The 200,000 Crore Indian Retail Market

The allowance of FDI in Retail has stunned the country. The Opposition parties are up in arms and the PM says there is rollback on FDI.

The estimated size of the Indian Retail Market is 200,000 Crore and it will expand to one trillion within a few years. Organised Retail is only 2%. It is 20% in China.

90% of the small retailers, do not pay tax to the GoI. They operate on a small margin fo 4-7% after all their expenses and the GoI is soft on them. For over decades, they have been serving the Indian consumer and the kirana stores number 12 million. Some of them provide credit facilities and door delivery. They have been the all time fourites for the FMCG companies to introduce and promote new products. But all this changed in 2000 CE, when Organised Retail was born in India. Organised Retail, was then considered to be more costly and innovative, even by the urban consumer. But then Organised Retail has come a long way since then and India is poised for the Retail Revolution.

Organised Retailers are not competing with the kirana stores and both coexist. They compete with other organised retailers. Advertisement spend has gone up and you can see ads of the organised retailers in all newspapers and electronic media. In fact, the kirana stores have not lost business. They have become better than before due to competition.

The logic that small kiranas will run out of business is a big myth. We have one billion people to feed, dress and house and there are plenty of opportunities at the bottom of the pyramid.

Capital infusion is the biggest benefit of the new policy. 50% of the 100 milliion cap should go to back end infra and this means an FDI of 2.5 billiom. Even though the Indian players, Tatas, Ambanis or Birlas have enough capital, what they lack is intellectual capital. We have to get the know how from the international partners the ways and methods to run that business more efficiently. They have been runnning their business for years and FDI comes often bundled with technical, managerial and labour force skills.

Astrologically, as India is receiving the adverse transit influences of Jupiter and Saturn, there will be chaos and the Opposition parties are just proving that. Till May, problems may persist due to the Jovian adverse stance.

Yesterday, the stock market went up, but then we cannot take anything for granted. The current political situation in India will affect the stock market. In October, the exports have only grown 10% to 19 billion. One hopes that the 300 billion export target will be achieved this year.

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Benefits of FDI in retail

The gain of consumers

Large superstores are inflation busters. In the WalMart Effect, the author Charles Fishman shows that big stores squeeze costs and pass on the gains to consumers, because of formidable competition. They had contributed to the sustained low inflation in the US. Similarly modern supermarkets can tame the inflation tiger in India. They can create jobs, prevent wastage and improve logistics. Which sane person will oppose them?

India's 28 b retail sector will grow by factor of nine within ten years. India's archaic retail sector cannot cope up with the rising demand. Inbuilt inefficiencies and wastage in distribution and storage account for 40%, which does not reach consumers. Fifty million children are malnourished. Foodgrains rot in obsolete warehouses or in transit. Wastage and loss will be avoided by companies who sole aim is profit !

A Bharti-WalMart store in India

Critics point out five major factors

India does not need foreign retails as domestic ones are doing the job well.
Independent stores will close, leading to unemployment.
Profits will go to foreign players.
The Govt has not built consensus.
Indian cities will look like their Western counterparts and morality may go down the drain.

On the positive side, Retail can boost the farm sector.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quo Vadis India ?

The Parliament and the whole nation is perplexed over FDI in Retail.

FDI has become more varied in recent years and cash inflows have shifted from natural resources, infra and export driven manufacturing to different areas like Tourism, Retaill, construction and off shore services.

FDI to twenty developing economies amounted to USD 45 billion in the retail sector. Significant FDI was received by Brazil, Poland and Thailand in the Retail sector.

In this field, India has been slower. Organised retailing has grown from 10 to 40 percent in Brazil and 20% in China, while in India it is only 2%, in the last decade.

For the global retail chains, India with its huge market amounting to one trillion dollars in retail, is an important destination. The Indian retail landscape is changing, with the rise of the middle class ( 500 million ). The upper and the lower middle class now prefer to buy branded goods from standard showrooms and there are going to 1,50,000 such super market stores in India within 15 years ! The smaller cities are emulating the metros and Retailing has been hailed as one of the surise industries !

"India is the second most attractive retail designation globally, among thirty emergent markets" says A. T. Kearney, awell knownInternational Management Consultant

Unorganised retailing constitute 98% of all retailing trade. Now big domestic players like Reliance have entered the field and is expanding in a big way.

WalMart is partnering Bharti and Carrefour is going to partner Landmark.

Why are the global retailers interested in India ?

Strategic Location and Geography

Enjoying unique geographical advantage, India is strategically located in Asia will links to all markets. Lord Curzon said " Whoever masters India will become the master of Asia and of the whole world". Lord Curzon celebrated India's importance in the Empire and called her the Jewel in the Crown. Total Area 3287 K sq km and 7000 km of Coastline.

Versatile Demographics

With a population of more than 1.2 billion and diverse cultures, India is a land of all seasons. A versatile population of rural and urbal markets. 700 million rural and 500 million urban. The foreign retailers want a slice of the big pie !

Vast growing economy

With a GDP growth hovering around 8-9%, India is rising along with China. Forex reserves more than 300 billion. With a rapidly growing infrastructure, India has all the ingredients of a rising economic super power and is tipped to be the third largest economy by 2050 by GS. ( PWC Report says by 2012, India will surpass Japan and become the third by GDP PPP ).

To become the third largest economy

India will become the third largest economy by 2050, according to Goldman Sachs. Here are the projected GDP figures.

Forecast of GDP ($ Trillion)

Country 2010 2050

China 3.0 44.5
U.S.A 13.3 35.2
India 0.9 27.8
Japan 4. 6 6.7
Brazil .7 6.1
Russia 0.8 5.9
U.K. 1.9 3.8
Germany 2.2 3.6
Italy 1.3 2.1

Astrologically the present turbulent phase caused by adverse Jupiter and Saturn will pave the way for a brighter 2012, after May, when Jupiter moves over to Taurus. In the 11th Jupiter will be benign and the effects of globalisation will be felt in a positive way. India is sure to overtake Japan as the third economic power by 2012 !

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hurdles for foreign retailers in India !

Because of the uncertainty of the FDI in multi brand retail, retail stocks are down 10%. Pantaloon is 196, Shoppers Shop, Trent all are down.

Retailers like WalMart, Carrie Four and Tesco will have to contend with India's poor warehouse space, unreliable transport links and chronic lack of cold chain storage.

This is where local knowledge comes in. Local players with established supply chains can get lucrative deals, as the race for one of the largest untapped retail markets is on. It can mean a windfall for players like Pantaloon, Shopper's Stop, the Tata Group and Trent, industry analysts say.

Countering the argument that the move will phase out small shopkeepers, the Government has stipulated that the foreign players must source 30% from SMEs, invest a minimum of 100 million and spend half of that on back end infrastructure.

WalMart and Co may love to sell to the 1.2 billion Indians, but they will have to tackle India's logistical headaches and will have to rely on local expertise.

"If some of them want to throw dollars, burn some cash to build it, they can," said Future Supply Chain's Singh."We are ready made for them. They can use us."

As bandhs and hartals, initiated by the Communists and the saffronites go on in India against the entry of foreign retailers, India is poised for Retail Revolution.

Despite the immense problems faced by the foreign retailers, India's one trillion dollar market is going to change. The retail landscape will change and let us hope that Retail will do to India what electronics did for Japan !

Shoddy roads, minimal cold storage capacity and a myriad of state regulations and taxes will plague WalMart, Tesco, Metro and others. The initial stages will be difficult.

Traditional supply networks use hand pulled wooden carts more than refrigerated freight wagons. Hence 30 percent of India's 200 million tonnes vast fruit and vegetable production goes waste.

"India cannot be seen as easy," Viney Singh, MD of Max Hypermarkets."There are some players that have been in the retail business for more than 10 years, and till date there is no hypermarket player that has made any money."

"Global retailers have expertise from around the world, but in India they will have to develop it," said Future's Singh. "They will all have to go through the learning curve on their own."

The Communists and the saffronites are against this entry of foreign players. They are calling for boycott. Tomorrow is a bandh day, a day of rest, called by the Opposition parties. In Kerala, even some Congress Ministers are against the move. The whole country seems to be in turmoil. We do not think the problem will be solved by a single day's bandh. All work will come to a standstill tomorrow. There may be furthur bandhs. The Kerala Merchants Association has called for a virtual boycott. So also CPI, CPM and BJP. Their argument is socialistic, that the move will hurt the small players. The demerits of the move are highlighted.

The top 30 Retail giants ( turnover in billions of dollars USD )

WalMart 256 billion USD
CarreFour 79
Ahold 63
Metro 60
Kroger 53
Tesco 50
Target 48
Rewe 44
Aldi 41
ITM 37
Safeway 35
Schwarz 33
Walagreens 32
Auchan 32
Aeon 30
Ito Yokado 30
Edeka 29
Sainsbury 27
Tengelmann 27
LeClerk 27
CVS 26
Casino 25
Kmart 23
Delhaize 21
Loblaw 18
JC Penney 17
Coles Myer 17
Daiei 17

Astrologically, India is going through a tough phase, with Saturn in the adverse 4th and Jupiter in the unfavourable 10th. Exports have slumped to 19 billion last month. IIP is down. The Sensex is down.Food inflation is hovering at 10%. The Rupee hit 52 mark against the dollar. So for some more months ( till Jupiter leaves Aries ), the Indian atmosphere will be turbulent.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Alpha Numeric System of Mathematica Indica

Known as Paral Sankhya, the Alpha Numeric System was developed by Vararuchi. It is also known as Katapayadi, as 1 represents the letters Ka, Ta, Pa and Ya, whose corresponding digit is 1.

Number Letters

1 ka ta pa ya
2 kha tta pha ra
3 hu da bha la
4 gha da ba va
5 nga na ma sha
6 cha tha sha
7 chha dha sa
8 ja dha ha
9 jha ddha
0 nja na ksha

The Value of Kaa ki ku ke and ko was 1

31 was represented by Kala

Kala is ka + la = 31 ( The digits are counted from the right )

and 351 by Kamala
Kamala = ka + ma + la = 351

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Elemental Numbers in Mathematica Indica

Sanskrit poets used Elemental Numbers in their poems. As eyes are 2, two represents eyes. As the Vedas are four, four represents the Vedas. Netra Netra ( eyes , eyes ) means 22 and Veda Veda means 44.

Here we give the correspondence between numbers and the Elements

1 - Earth, Moon
2. Eyes, hands, feet, ears
3. Worlds, trinitarian unity, three yogas, three vedas.
4. Vedas
5. Sense organs.
6 Rithus or the six seasons.
7. Rishies
8 Directions, eightfold prosperity
9 Digits, numbers
0 Ether

10 - Ego and its ten heads.
11 - Rudras
12 Months, Zodiacal Signs
13 Universe
14 Vidyas, Manus
15 Lunations, thidhis
16 King
17 Athushti
18 Treatises astronomical, mythological
19 Athi Dhruthi
20 Nails
21 Uthkruthi
22 Akrithi
23 Vikruthi
24 Gayathri
25 Principles
27 Constellations
33 Deities

The digits for the letters are written, counting from right to left

For example,


Bham = Stars = 27
Nandan = 9
Agni = 3

Bhanagnagni = 3927

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Of Scholarship

Scholarship is great and is like an expanding flower

Pandityam nava pallavam vikasitham pushpam prayogajnatha

In order to have scholarism graced, one should strive hard to gain it. It is said that the hard work done by the scholar is known only to the scholar ! How can others know it ?

The scholar and the world, the endless strife
The discord in the harmonies of Life
The love of Learning, the sequestered nooks
And the sweet serenity of Books
The marketplace, eager love for gain
Whose aim is vanity, whose end is pain !

Vidwaneva Vijanathi
Vidwajjana parishramam
Na hi vandhya vijanathi
Gurveem prasava vedanam !

How can others know the work hard
Which the scholars have indulged in ?
Like a barren woman who cannot know
The pain of delivering !

Friday, October 28, 2011

Big names for Indian numbers

There are greater numbers, than the ones mentioned below.

Maha Padma = 10^15
Kshoni = 10^16
Parardha = 10^17
Sankha = 10^18
Maha Sankha = 10^19
Kshithi = 10^20
Maha Kshiti = 10^21
Kshobha = 10^22
Maha Kshobha = 10^23

Neethi Lamba = 10^27
Sarva Bala = 10^45
Thallakshana = 10^83

Big names for Indian numbers

There are greater numbers, than the ones mentioned below.

Maha Padma = 10^15
Kshoni = 10^16
Parardha = 10^17
Sankha = 10^18
Maha Sankha = 10^19
Kshithi = 10^20
Maha Kshiti = 10^21
Kshobha = 10^22
Maha Kshobha = 10^23

Neethi Lamba = 10^27
Sarva Bala = 10^45
Thallakshana = 10^83

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Indian names for big numbers

Ganitha Kerala, the Kerala School of Astronomy and Maths, has given a lot of names for big numbers.

Like the Western

Myriad = 10^4
Million = 10^6

Indian names are

Shata = 10^2
Sahasra = 10^3
Ayutha = 10^4
Laksha = 10^5
Dasa Laksha = 10^6 ( Million )
Koti = 10^7
Dasa Koti = 10^8
Vrinda = 10^9
Kharva = 10^10
Nikharva = 10^11
Mahapadma = 10^12
Mahakharva = 10^13
Padma = 10^14

In the Western, we have

Million = 1000^2
Billion = 1000^3
Trillion = 1000^4


Nillion = 1000^(n+1)

where n is the number. Tri meaning 3 and trillion = 1000^(3+1)!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Of Mathematica Vedica

By one more than the one before

Ekadhikena Purvecha is Sanskrit for " One more than the previous one". This
sutra can be used for multiplying or dividing algorithms.

You can use this formula to compute the squares of numbers.

For example.

35×35 = ((3×3)+3),25 = 12,25 and 125×125 = ((12×12)+12),25 = 156,25

By the sūtra, multiply "by one more than the previous one."

35×35 = ((3×4),25 = 12,25 and 125×125 = ((12×13),25 = 156,25

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Commodities Astrology !

Commodities Astrology ? Gold has risen to $1600, after touching $1921.

We are in the midst of a commodity bull market cycle, which started in
2000. We have been advocating buying gold, from $900 onwards. Silver
has gone upto $32 and lead and others are following suit. Increased
demand from China and India and the bearish nature of the stock market,
global cues all lead to this commodity bull market cycle.

Gold price is inversely proportional to the Dollex, the USDX. Jupiter rules gold. More info at Zodiac Astrology and Stock Market Astrology

It was observed that a Bull Market Cycle lasts for 18 years. In 1982, we had the stock market boom and the bust of 2000. Not only the stock market, but the dot com market also went bust. This started the commodities bull market cycle and experts say it will last till 2016/18. So the stock market is on a decline, along with Realty and dot com. On the contrary, commodities have gone up.

There are many reasons cited for the commodities boom. A falling US Dollar, the China Effect ( more than 700 million Chinese will be added to the consumer class by 2020), the India Effect ( more than 300 million Indians will be added to the consumer culture), tight supplies, demand more than supply and the interest rate cuts by the Fed.

Astrologically Jupiter in Aries, about to enter Taurus in May 2012, is responsible for the commodities boom. He rules Gold and other precious metals. ( Gurum Kanchana Sannibham ).

These are the Correspondence between Planets and Metals

Sun - Copper and gold.
Moon -Silver.
Mars - Copper.
Mercury - Brass.
Jupiter - Gold.
Venus - Silver & Aluminium.
Saturn - Iron, Minerals & Crude.

It has been observed that when the Stock Market is in Recession, commodities go up and vice verse. Hence these years will seem a boom in commodities.

Some of the reasons cited for the commodities boom

The Fed will lower interest rates
Supplies of oil, grains and metals are very low and the possibility of producing more in the next few years is low
The Dollex, the USDX, may decline furthur
As the standard of living rises in Chindia ( China and India ), more consumption will be the order of the day, leading to heavy demand.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Gold Astrology

Gold is one of the best precious metals and we have been advocating buying gold at declines. We had started saying BUY Gold, when the price was $900 onwards. Now Gold is at $1628 for an ounce and still going strong.

The Oil Ministers decided in 2009 to trade oil in gold, yuan, yen and euro, as the Dollar was showing signs of weakness. This is one of the reasons why Gold is going up.

We have reports that billionaires like Soros and Bufett etc are taking up great positions in gold and buying mining companies.

It was observed that the Gold Price is inversely proportional to the Dollex, the USDX. Yesterday USDX went up by one point and gold declined from 1674 to 1645. Now it is at 1628 per ounce.

Jupiter represents Gold in Astrology. Now Jupiter in Aries is responsible for the secondary reaction happening in Gold. From a high of 1900 dollars, it is now at 1628.
You can draw your own conclusions !

Monday, October 03, 2011

Sensex drift lower, as Jove takes a negative stance

We had warned in our columns that the markets are headed southwards.

The Sensex is now at 16084. What a drastic fall. On global cues, it fell 300 odd points yesterday. The Return of the Bear ?

Weak sentiments prevailed on Dalal Steet. It is not surprising to the men that see, as the planet of Finance, Jupiter, transits the adverse 10th for India.

L & T fell heavily to 1312 and Siemens to 829.

It is better to hold on for the time being. Provisionally down at 1.73% on Greek default fears , the Sensex may take time to recover. The market is falling for the second, straight day. All the 13 sectoral indices on the BSE is in the red and index heavyweight, Reliance, is edging lower.

After good auto sales in September, auto shares were mixed. Metal shares fell across the board, as global commodity prices fell on global economic worries. JSW Steel fell, as reports of a CBI raid was rumoured.

Deficit in August was 14 billion, as 28 billion exports were achieved against a 38 billion import.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blood bath on Dalal Street

We have said in our sites and columns that Jove in the 10th is detrimental to the Indian economy. It was proved right as the stock market plunged 704 points.

It was virtually blood bath on Dalal Street. The Dow fell and so did all indices.

Even though India may become the third largest economy by 2012 ( by GDP PPP ), now for seven months ( during Jupiter's transit of Aries ), she is in for a turbulent phase.
It is better to hold on. only at the bottom should one invest.

Speculation is taboo as anything can happen. Gold is also falling, may be temporarily. So is crude.

The problem can be compounded when Saturn leaves Virgo on Nov 15th. Only in May, when Jupiter moves over to Taurus, in India's 11th can we hope to see a bullish curve !

A 4.2 percent drop was the least desirable. The Federal Reserve warned of significant risks to global economic growth. All other Asian markets fell with key indices in various countries losing between 2-5 percent. Selling pressure was seen all over the bourses, as all the broader markets and sectoral indices closed deep in the red. Realty, metals, oil, gas and banking indices of the BSE closed 4-6 percent down. Nothing to panic, say the technical analysts !

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

India will overtake Japan by 2012

India may overtake Japan by 2012 and become the third largest economy by 2012. According to Pricewatherhouse Coopers, India's GDP PPP will overtake Japan by 2012. Such a forecast seems to be probable, as Jupiter will be in the House of Gains for India next year. Jove in the 11th will bring handsome gains.

China will become the world's largest economy by 2020. Within one year, Indian GDP PPP will become $4.32 trillion, overtaking Japan's economy, estimated at $1000^4 ( 4.32 tr to be exact ).

“While the exact date is open to doubt, it seems highly likely that, by 2030, China will clearly be the largest economy in the world on PPP,” John Hawksworth, head of macroeconomics at PwC, wrote in the report.

The Decoupling theory, that India and China will not be affected by the global meltdown, still holds true. China will overtake Japan as the second largest economy this year, as Japan is facing a severe crisis !.

Yesterday the Sensex grew by 353 points and closed about 17 K. Despite the secondary reactions, the Stock Market seems to be on a growth track.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Of Intercalary months, Adhi Masas

The solar month is 30.438030202068 days

A lunar month = 29.5305881 days

It need not be added that a lunation or synodic month means the interval between two consecutive full moons or new moons. Conjunction ( New Moon ) is 0 degrees and Opposition ( Full Moon ) is 180 degrees

Hence a solar year does not have a whole number of lunar months ( about 12.37 lunations ) So a thirteenth embolismic or intercalary month is inserted.

It was observed that 19 solar years or 19*12 = 228 solar months = 235 lunations and hence 7 Adhi Masas were found in every 19 years. An intercalary or 13th month had to be inserted in a 19 year cycle and 19/7 was the ratio. .

They are called Adhi Masas in Indian Astronomy and they were computed using the Theory of continued fractions. The Theory of contiued Fractions is attributed to Euler. This 19 year old cycle is called the Metonic Cycle, named after the Greek astronomer, Meton.

But then the Indian mathematicians correctly computed the Adhi Masas, centuries before Meton or Euler ! The Indian National Calender is lunisolar, whose dates both indicate the solar year and the moon phases and the next date when the New Moon or Full Moon will occur. The length of the synodic month is given as 29.5305879 days in the Surya Siddhanta, which is correct to six decimals. Surya Siddhanta stated that there are 15933396 Adhi Masas in 51840000 solar months !

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Of Vedic Maths

Consisting of 16 basic aphorisms or Sutras, Vedic Mathematics is a system of Maths which prevailed in ancient India. Composed by Bharati Krishna Thirtha, these 16 sutras help one to do faster maths.

The first aphorism is this

"Whatever the extent of its deficiency, lessen it still further to that very extent; and also set up the square (of that deficiency)"

When computing the square of 9, as the nearest power of 10 is 9, let us take 10 as our base. As 9 is 1 less than 10, we can decrease it by the deficiency = 9-1 =8. This is the leftmost digit
On the right hand put deficiency^2, which is 1^2.

Hence the square of nine is 81.

For numbers above 10, instead of looking at the deficit we look at the surplus.

For example:

11^2 = (11+1)*10+1^2 = 121

12^2 = (12+2)*10+2^2 = 144

14^2 = ( 14+4)*10+4^2 = 196

25^2 = ((25+5)*2)*10+5^2 = 625

35^2= ((35+5)*3)*10+5^2 = 1225

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Maths & Philosophy

In India, mathematics is related to Philosophy. We can find mathematical
concepts like Zero ( Shoonyavada ), One ( Advaitavada ) and Infinity
(Poornavada ) in Philosophia Indica.

The Sine Tables of Aryabhata and Madhava, which gives correct sine values or values of
24 R Sines, at intervals of 3 degrees 45 minutes and the trignometric tables of
Brahmagupta, which gives correct sine and tan values for every 5 degrees influenced
Christopher Clavius, who headed the Gregorian Calender Reforms of 1582. These
correct trignometric tables solved the problem of the three Ls, ( Longitude, Latitude and
Loxodromes ) for the Europeans, who were looking for solutions to their navigational
problem ! It is said that Matteo Ricci was sent to India for this purpose and the
Europeans triumphed with Indian knowledge !

The Western mathematicians have indeed lauded Indian Maths & Astronomy. Here are
some quotations from maths geniuses about the long forgotten Indian Maths !

In his famous dissertation titled "Remarks on the astronomy of Indians" in 1790,
the famous Scottish mathematician, John Playfair said

"The Constructions and these tables imply a great knowledge of
geometry,arithmetic and even of the theoretical part of astronomy.But what,
without doubt is to be accounted,the greatest refinement in this system, is
the hypothesis employed in calculating the equation of the centre for the
Sun,Moon and the planets that of a circular orbit having a double
eccentricity or having its centre in the middle between the earth and the
point about which the angular motion is uniform.If to this we add the great
extent of the geometrical knowledge required to combine this and the other
principles of their astronomy together and to deduce from them the just
conclusion;the possession of a calculus equivalent to trigonometry and
lastly their approximation to the quadrature of the circle, we shall be
astonished at the magnitude of that body of science which must have
enlightened the inhabitants of India in some remote age and which whatever
it may have communicated to the Western nations appears to have received
another from them...."

Albert Einstein commented "We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count,
without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made."

The great Laplace, who wrote the glorious Mechanique Celeste, remarked

"The ingenious method of expressing every possible number
using a set of ten symbols (each symbol having a place value and an absolute
value) emerged in India. The idea seems so simple nowadays that its
significance and profound importance is no longer appreciated. Its
simplicity lies in the way it facilitated calculation and placed arithmetic
foremost amongst useful inventions. The importance of this invention is more
readily appreciated when one considers that it was beyond the two greatest
men of antiquity, Archimedes and Apollonius."

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Infinite Pi series of Madhava

By means of the same argument, the circumference can be computed in another way too. That is as (follows): The first result should by the square root of the square of the diameter multiplied by twelve. From then on, the result should be divided by three (in) each successive (case). When these are divided in order by the odd numbers, beginning with 1, and when one has subtracted the (even) results from the sum of the odd, (that) should be the circumference. ( Yukti deepika commentary )

This quoted text specifies another formula for the computation of the circumference c of a circle having diameter d. This is as follows.

c = SQRT(12 d^2 - SQRT(12 d^2/3.3 + sqrt(12 d^2)/3^2.5 - sqrt(12d^2)/3^3.7 +.......

As c = Pi d , this equation can be rewritten as

Pi = Sqrt(12( 1 - 1/3.3 + 1/3^2.5 -1/3^3.7 +......

This is obtained by substituting z = Pi/ 6 in the power series expansion for arctan (z).

Pi/4 = 1 - 1/3 +1/5 -1/7+.....

This is Madhava's formula for Pi, and this was discovered in the West by Gregory and Liebniz.

The Infinite Pi series of Madhava

By means of the same argument, the circumference can be computed in another way too. That is as (follows): The first result should by the square root of the square of the diameter multiplied by twelve. From then on, the result should be divided by three (in) each successive (case). When these are divided in order by the odd numbers, beginning with 1, and when one has subtracted the (even) results from the sum of the odd, (that) should be the circumference. ( Yukti deepika commentary )

This quoted text specifies another formula for the computation of the circumference c of a circle having diameter d. This is as follows.

c = SQRT(12 d^2 - SQRT(12 d^2/3.3 + sqrt(12 d^2)/3^2.5 - sqrt(12d^2)/3^3.7 +.......

As c = Pi d , this equation can be rewritten as

Pi = Sqrt(12( 1 - 1/3.3 + 1/3^2.5 -1/3^3.7 +......

This is obtained by substituting z = Pi/ 6 in the power series expansion for arctan (z).

Pi/4 = 1 - 1/3 +1/5 -1/7+.....

This is Madhava's formula for Pi, and this was discovered in the West by Gregory and Liebniz.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Madhava cosine series

Madhava's cosine series is stated in verses 2.442 and 2.443 in Yukti-dipika commentary (Tantrasamgraha-vyakhya) by Sankara Variar. A translation of the verses follows.

Multiply the square of the arc by the unit (i.e. the radius) and take the result of repeating that (any number of times). Divide (each of the above numerators) by the square of the successive even numbers decreased by that number and multiplied by the square of the radius. But the first term is (now)(the one which is) divided by twice the radius. Place the successive results so obtained one below the other and subtract each from the one above. These together give the śara as collected together in the verse beginning with stena, stri, etc.

Let r denote the radius of the circle and s the arc-length.

The following numerators are formed first:


These are then divided by quantities specified in the verse.

2)s. s^2/(2^2-2)r^2. s^2/4^2-4)r^2
3)s.s^2/(2^2-2)r^2.s^2/(4^2-4)r^2. s^2/(6^2-6)r^2

As per verse,

sara or versine = r.(1-2-3)

Let x be the angle subtended by the arc s at the center of the Circle. Then s = rx and sara or versine = r(1-cosx)

Simplifying we get the current notation

1-cosx = x^2/2! -x^4/4!+ x^6/6!......

which gives the infinite power series of the cosine function.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Madhava Trignometric Series

The Madhava Trignometric series is one one of a series in a collection of infinite series expressions discovered by Madhava of Sangramagrama ( 1350-1425 ACE ), the founder of the Kerala School of Astronomy and Mathematics. These are the infinite series expansions of the Sine, Cosine and the ArcTangent functions and Pi. The power series expansions of sine and cosine functions are called the Madhava sine series and the Madhava cosine series.

The power series expansion of the arctangent function is called the Madhava- Gregory series.

The power series are collectively called as Madhava Taylor series. The formula for Pi is called the Madhava Newton series.

One of his disciples, Sankara Variar had translated his verse in his Yuktideepika commentary on Tantrasamgraha-vyakhya, in verses 2.440 and 2.441

Multiply the arc by the square of the arc, and take the result of repeating that (any number of times). Divide (each of the above numerators) by the squares of the successive even numbers increased by that number and multiplied by the square of the radius. Place the arc and the successive results so obtained one below the other, and subtract each from the one above. These together give the jiva, as collected together in the verse beginning with "vidvan" etc.

Rendering in modern notations

Let r denote the radius of the circle and s the arc-length.

The following numerators are formed first:


These are then divided by quantities specified in the verse.

2)s. s^2/(2^2+2)r^2. s^2/4^2+4)r^2
3)s.s^2/(2^2+2)r^2.s^2/(4^2+4)r^2. s^2/(6^2+6)r^2

Place the arc and the successive results so obtained one below the other, and subtract each from the one above to get jiva:

Jiva = s-(1-2-3)

When we transform it to the current notation

If x is the angle subtended by the arc s at the center of the Circle, then s = rx and jiva = r sin x.

Sin x = x - x^3/3! + x^5/5! - x^7/7!...., which is the infinite power series of the sine function.

By courtesy and we thank Wikipedia for publishing this on their site.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vikshepa Koti, the cosine of celestial latitude

Jyeshtadeva was a Kerala astronomer who helped in the calculation of longitudes, when there is latitudinal deflection. In his Yukti Bhasa, he calculates correctly the cos l, the cosine of latitude, which is important in the Reduction to the Ecliptic.

There is a separate section in the Yukti Bhasa, which deals with the effects of the inclination of a planet's orbit on its latitude. He describes how to find the true longitude of a planet, Sheegra Sphutam, when there is latitudinal deflection.

"Now calculate the Vikshepa Koti, cos l, by subtracting the square of the Vikshepa from the square of the Manda Karna Vyasardha and calculating the root of the difference."

In the above diagram,

N is the Ascending Node
P is the planet on the Manda Karna Vritta, inclined to the Ecliptic

Vikshepa Koti = OM = SQRT( OP^2 - PM^2 )

Taking this Vikshepa Koti and assuming it to be the Manda Karna, sheegra sphuta, the true longitude, has to be calculated as before.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vikshepa, the Celestial Latitude

l, Vikshepa, is the Celestial Latitude, the latitude of the planet, the angular distance of the planet from the Ecliptic.

i is the inclination, inclinent of Orbit.

Sin l = Sin i Sin( Heliocentric Long - Long of Node ).

Celestial Latitude is calculated from this equation.

The longitude of the Ascending Node, pata, is minussed from the heliocentric longitude and this angle is called Vipata Kendra.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Sidereal Periods in the Geocentric Model

In the last post we said that Angle AES is Sheegroccha, which is the longitude of the Sun. ( Sheegrocham Sarvesham Ravir Bhavathi ). The Angle AEK is the Heliocentric longitude of the planet.

Sidereal Periods of superior Planets in the Geocentric = Sidereal periods in the Heliocentric.

Sidereal Periods of Mercury and Venus = Mean Sun in the Geocentric

In the Planetary Model of Aryabhata, we find the equation

Heliocentric Longitude - Longitude of Sun = The Anomaly of Conjunction ( Sheegra Kendra ).

As Astronomy is Universal, we are indebted to these savants who made astro calculation possible. Even the word " genius " is an understatement of their brilliant IQ !

Development of the Planetary Models in Astronomy

Hipparchus 150 BCE
Claudious Ptolemy 150 ACE
Aryabhata 499 ACE
Varaha 550 ACE
Brahmagupta 628 ACE
Bhaskara I 630 ACE
Al Gorismi 850 ACE
Munjala 930 ACE
Bhaskara II 1150 ACE
Madhava 1380 ACE
Ibn al Shatir 1350 ACE
Paramesvara 1430 ACE
Nilakanta 1500 ACE
Copernicus 1543 ACE
Tycho Brahe 1587 ACE
Kepler 1609 ACE
Laplace 1700 ACE
Urbain Le Verrier 1850 ACE
Simon Newcomb 1900 ACE
E W Brown 1920 ACE

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Sheeghra Samskara

In the above diagram,

A = Starting Point, 0 degree Aries
P = Planet
S = Sun
E = Earth

Angle AEK = Manda Sphuta, heliocentric longitude, after manda samskara
Angle AES = Sheegroccha, mean Sun, mean longitude of Sol
Angle AEP = True geocentric longitude of planet
Angle KEP = The Sheegra Correction or sheegra phalam

The Anomaly of Conjunction = Sheegra Kendra = Angle AES - Angle AEK

x = Angle AES - Angle AEK

Sin ( x ) =

r sin (x)
((R + r cos x)^2 + rsin x^2 ))^1/2

which is the Sheegra correction formula given by the Indian astronomers to calculate the geocentric position of the planet.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Aslesha Njattuvela brings rains !

It was Monsoon Tourism, as Aslesha Njattuvela was on. It was raining heavily, cats and dogs in Kerala. I got the rains when I reached Kochi. I had some work at the Passport Office and I finished the work at Noon. Then I went on a tour of the famous Goshree Islands.

I went by boat yesterday to the beautiful Bolgatty Island. A two minutes walk saw me entering the lovely Bolgatty Palace, a resort by the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation.

I walked to the Bolgatty Bus Stand and took a bus to Vallarpadam International Container Terminal. Now everything is in place and one ship, OEL Dubai, was unloading. The progress of the ICTT is slow, but steady.

The Bolgatty Palace is beautiful and well situated in the Mulavukad Island. This island is connected to Vallarpadam by a bridge. Vallarpadam is in turn connected to Vypin by a bridge. In fact these bridges are known as Goshree Bridges, as these beateous islands are known as Goshree Islands. In Vypin, one can see the GAIL LNG terminals, which adorn Puthuvypin.

A new bridge, parallel to the existing Vallarpadam bridge, is being built to ease the traffic. I saw a barge jetty at Bolgatty and a barge carrying containers there.

Kochi is a cauldron of world cultures. A versatile land where visitors from abroad, right from Arabs and Phoenicians to the Chinese, Italians, Portugese, Dutch and British have left indelible marks. A great Port, universally known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea. The newly renovated Bolgatty Palace has 4 palace suits, 6 waterfront cottages, 16 well maintained rooms and one can enjoy four star faciliites and a range of leisure options.

Said a honeymooner, Asmita, Calcullat about Bolgatty " We went to Kerala for our honeymoon and Kochi was our first stop. We reached the resort at around 3:30pm after a long flight and were famished. Since we reached post lunch timings none of the restaurants were open, however the room service was very prompt and we had an amazing keralite food. The rooms are large, and built in a princely way. The property is equipped with all the modern facilities and the stay was really comfortable.
We enjoyed the Kerala body message in the resort . The location is also great. Overall its a great place to stay ".

The Bolgatty Palace was built in 1744 by the Dutch and is a short boat ride away from the Ernakulam Mainland. This is one of the oldest Dutch Palaces outside Holland the only Palace Hotel of its kind in Kerala. Now she has a Palace block and a resort block, called Bolgatty Island Resort. Amenities here comprise Swimming Pool, 9 hole Golf Course and is a destination of choice for select Indian corporates for their conference. It is a favourite destination for Indian elite and overseas tourists. The Kochi Airport is just 32 kms away and the rail and bus terminals just 2 km away.

Kochi International Marina is a KTDC venture located on the eastern coast of Bolgatty Island in the Bolgatty Palace Heritage Hotel. It is the first full fledged marina of international standards in Bharat. It provides berthing facilities to 37 yachts and also offers services like electricity, water and fuel for boats. It is close to the international sea route at the South West Coast of peninsular India , with minimum tidal variations and favorable conditions.

The Bolgatty Event Center overlooks the backwaters of Cochin Seaport and is an exotic venue for conducting Conferences, Exhitions, Wedding Receptions, Conventions and theme dinners. Imbued with resplendent greenery, the Arabian Sea and the ICTT at Vallarpadam gives an easy access to the Center.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Jupiterian Law or Brihaspathi Neethi

Suppose your son goes against you. Will you throw him out of the house ?

This is where Jupiterian Law or Brihaspathi Neethi or Jesusian Law comes into operation.

Love is giving and forgiving
Self is getting and forgetting !

Conquer by Love ! This is the message handed out to us by the millenial philosophers, millenial poets and millenial prophets !

Love is a Glory from Eternity's spheres
He is still the Godhead that can make all change

Love should never cease to be upon the Earth
Love is the bright link betwixt Earth and Heaven
Love is the far Transcendent's angel here
Love is man's lien on the Absolute !

Sai and Jesus say " Love your enemies, bless them that curse you and bless them that persecute you" !

Let us be arrayed from head to foot with their commandments. ' Conquer everything with Patience and Love" is their eternal message !

Byron said " Take away Love and the whole world becomes a tomb "

Jupiter is the preceptor of the celestials and represents the divine arts and sciences. The scientia intuitiva or intuive sciences are a great preparation for Eternal Liberation. Without the discriminative intellect or prajna imparted by him, no one can hope for Self Actualisation. He represents the Sreyo Marga ( the way of Being and of Bliss ) and Venus represents the Preyo Marga ( the way of Mammon and the flesh ). Both paths are followed by mankind !

Goethe echoed the same when he averred

Now lead me where some heavenly silence glasses
The purer joys around the Poet throng
Where Love and Friendship divinely fashion
The bonds that bless, the wreaths that crown his passion !

Yoga Sastra, Nyaya Sastra, Neethi Sastra, Vedanta Sastra, Jyothis Sastra and all such sciences are ruled by Jupiter or Brihaspathi. Sasanath Thrayathe ithi Sastram - meaning that Redeeming instructions are called Sastras ( like fatherly advice to a son ). Hence Jupiter or Brihaspathi is the greatest benefic, from the perspective of Self Actualisation. He represents Grace Divine, without which no Self Realisatoin is possible.

Love is a manna sent from Heaven, a spark of the Immortal Fire, sent by the Lord to elevate our low desire ! Let Almighty Love triumph on earth !

From the Center where the Heart of God is known
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men
Let Love triumph on Earth !

Let us Love All, Serve All, Help Ever, Hate None and Hurt Never, thereby fulfilling the Jupiterian Law !

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Venusian Law ( Shukra Neethi )

The Mosaic Law of Western Thought is known as Shukra Neethi ( Venusian Law ) in Indian Philosophy. The Jesusian Law corresponds to Brihaspathi Neethi, that is rising to a higher plane which returns good for evil !

Even though it is taught that lying is Sin and should be avoided, Shukra Neethi or the Venusian Law states that one can lie for virtue !

Kaliyil prana rakshakkum
Go brahmana hithathinum
Kanya Vitha rakshakkum
Poli Nindithamalledo !

In business, one cannot be trufhful all the time. There is a saying, Truth is ruinous, hence suppressio veriti, suggestio falsi ! In order to make profits, the biz man is given the licence to lie !

Milton said that Mammon was the first teacher of Man

By him first
Men also

The God and Mammon of Western Thought have their equivalents in

Brihaspathi or Jupiter - the Guru of the celestials and representer of the twelve positive sciences of the Vedas

Shukra or Venus - the Guru of the demons and representer of all modern sciences

Milton's " It is better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven " is Venusian or Shukra Neeti and is widely followed by politicians, mafia chiefs, the priesthood and the captialists !

In Mythology Indian, Venus or Sage Shukra was born to Bhrighu and Usana. He was born on the day of Freya or Venus, Friday. He was born in the constellation of Swathi. Freya is Venus in Norse Mythology and Freya's day became Friday. Shukravar is Friday and is named after Shukra. Shukra was sent to learn the Vedas from Angiras, who was partial to his son, Brihaspathi. However, Shukra learnt the Vedas from Gauthama. He later performed penance to Lord Shiva and obtained the Sanjeevani Mantra, a mantra which can resurrect the dead.

When Jupiter or Brihaspathi became the Guru of the celestials, Shukra competed and became the Guru of the demons ! He exhorted the demons to win the war against the celestials !

When King Bali was tested by Lord Vishnu in the form of the dwarf Vamana, Shukra immediately knew of the deceipt and warned King Bali. He sat in the spout of a vase, which was spotted by Lord Vishnu. Vishnu picked a straw from the ground and directed it on the spout, with the result Shukra became half blind !

Shukra corresponds to Machiavelli. Machiavelli opined that to be feared is better than to be loved. ( "Love is preserved by the link of obligation which men in their baseness break off at every opportunity for their own advantage, whereas fear preserves you with the dread of punishment which never fails " ). Machiavelli opined that men are base and ugly. ( " This has to be asserted in general for men, that they are cowardly, covetous, ungrateful, fickeminded and false and as long as you succeed, they are yours entirely"). Armed prophets had succeeded, whereas the unarmed had failed !

The Jesus and Machiavelli of Western thought, both dialectical opposites, correspond to Brihaspathi and Shukra of Indian thought !

Shukra in Sanskrit means brightness, clearness, purity. These mythological figures are planets and Vedic Symbolism was used by the Rishies. Astrologically, he represents the mundane arts and the mundane sciences, whereas Jupiter or Brihaspati represents the divine sciences and the divine arts.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Periods of the Sun !

The Malayalam Agri Calender has it that the Sun transits the 27 constellations of the Ecliptic and these came to be known as the Njattuvelas. The word Njattuvela is derived from Njayar meaning the Sun and Velas meaning the Times. In short Njattuvela means the Times of the Sun, as it passes through the 27 constellations of the Sidereal Zodiac.

Now the Sun is transiting Mrigasira or Makiryam Njattuvela is on. It is raining incessantly in Kerala. Makiryam mathi ariyathe peyyum meaning that rains will be galore during Mrigasira Njattuvela. On June 22nd, the famous Thiruvathira Njattuvela will be on and Kerala will be graced by bursts of rain with sunny interludes.

Monsoon Tourism is on the upswing in the state. People from Arab lands and tropical countries find Kerala a haven. Westerners find it as a gorgeous Paradise, because of the immense greenery which adorn the state.

More rains are expected during the solar transits of Punarvasu and Pushya. These four Njattuvelas are fierce and destructive. Many have lost their homes in the villages, many paddy fields have been inundated, as the Rains of Life and Death simultaneously bring relief from the blistering heat and at the same time wreack havoc on the poor infrastructure of the state.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Monsoons to influence markets

Two major factors will inlfuence the stock markets - the monsoon and the global community prices.

Markets had recovered sharply during the latter part of the weekend, showing promise for the bulls. But then the factors mentioned above will influence the bourses considerably.

Everbody knows that the Earth's journey through the Ecliptic produces the seasons and the South West Monsoon started on May 29th, when the Sun entered the 15th degree of Taurus. Kala Varsha, as it is known, hit the southern end of Kerala on this day and it is now raining in Kerala. Rains are expected to accelerate when the Sun transits Lambda Orionis ( Mrigasira ) and Alpha Orionis ( Aridra ). Also the constellations of Pushya and Punarvasu.

An average monsoon is expected and GDP is expected to grow at 8%. The prices of crude, gold etc are a matter of concern. ( And we find that when the stock markets go down, the rupee rate for the dollar goes up. It was 52 against the dollar when the Sensex languished at 7000 levels. It was 39 when the Sensex was at its peak at 21.2 K ).

Renewed speculative activity was seen on the bourses and a heightened activity in small and midcap scrips is probable. Institutional activity seems to be unpredictable, as FIIs buy and sell at random.

Wary investores are disappointed at the uncertainty prevailing in the markets. Recent economic data does not trigger optimism. Industry observers expect the government to kickstart the reform process in the Monsoon session of Parliament to boost the economy. The negative factors are the European debt crisis and double digit inflation, which can have adverse effect on the economy.

The progress of the monsoons will influence the markets greatly, as India is an agrarian economy.

The presence of Jupiter in the adverse 10th in India's horoscope shows problems. Jove in the House of Profession indicates that India will be upgrading her infrastructure and marketing during this phase of 361 days, which is a Jovian year (Barhaspatya) . At the same time, India will be spending a lot on infra and marketing. As the nation improves, there will be problems of rising debt, rising inflation and rising deficit. However Saturn in the House of Help is good and it will boost certain segments. So a mixed time is predicted for India and the Indian stock markets.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jupiter's Transit of Aries will bring average monsoon !

Average Monsoons are expected this year, as Jupiter traverses the hot Aries. ( Around 2200 mm of rains expected in Kerala ).

According to Astro Meteorology, the Kala Varsha or the South West Monsoon will start from May 29th and Meteorology predicts that it will start on May 31st.

The Arabian Sea Branch of the South West Monsoon or Edava Pathi will start early and the Bay of Bengal Branch of the S W Monsoon will reach Calcultta by the 8th of June. Normally SW Monsoon reaches Bombay by 10th of June.

This time there will be average monsoon on the 825 km Malabar Coast, along coastal Maharashtra, coastal Goa, coastal Karnataka and coastal Kerala. This belt receives the maximum rains and eve in the summer there are rains in Kerala, which looks always greenish !

Kala Varsha is caused by the cold winds from the Indian Ocean, which rush in to neutrallise the hot air of the Thar Desert and North India. Now Thar and N I is very hot and in Rajastan and Surat the heat is extreme. We are situated on the North of the Equator and ours is a Torrid Zone or a Tropical Zone. Hence rains come as a relief from the fierce heat and people normally ignore the devastation it brings !

India is an agrarian economy and the effects of the Monsoon on Indian economy is great. We expect that the GDP growth will hover around 8%, with an average monsoon. Last monsoon was great and we got a 8.9% growth.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

India's Transfiguring Hour !

As we said in our columns before, 1030 PM on 02042011, proved to be India's
transfiguring hour !

Some idol worshipping Indians have not acknowledged the role played by
Gambhir. He came in when Sehwag was out second ball and when he got out, the
score was 223/4 and the dew had set in !

"The 97 in the World Cup final was not the best innings in my career but no
doubt the most important one so far," the 29 year old Gambhir told reporters
after reaching Delhi

"It was a special knock for me as it came in a special situation. The whole
country was expecting us to win the World Cup and I have contributed my bit
in India's triumph. So, it was the most important innings of my career."

His Delhi team mate Kohli supported him in a vital 83 run stand for the
third wicket.

"Obviously, a century in the final would have been the icing on the cake.
But winning was more important for the country. If you had hit a century but
your team lost there was no point," said the dashing left hander.

Normally he opens, but when he came in at No 3, India were 0/1, and his
experience as an opener served him well, particularly against the fast
slinging deliveries of Slinga Malinga !

"On the other hand, if you missed a century but helped your team win the
World Cup, that I will take."

One billion people were worried that the Little Master may score a century
and India may lose. One billion minds were worried that Indian batting may
collapse. But when Gambhir and Dhoni took over the responsibility of
steering India to victory, gone were the worries from the minds of the one
billion. One billion felt like World Champions from then on.

Jup Sun MarMer Moo Ket



The map of the Heavens at 0230 PM, 02042011, Mumbai.
LA means Lunar Ascendant ( Here Cancer Moon )

On April 1, Moon was the only planet adverse for India. On Apr 2, Moon moved
over to India's House of Fortune and all planets became beneficial.

It was as if the heavens stood ranged to say
"Be Thou The World Champions" !

Saturn in the benign Thirld represented the Crown
Jupiter, Mercury, Moon, Sun, Mars in the Ninth represented Divine Grace
Venus in the Eighth represented Wealth
And the Nodes in the 6/12 represented Conquest

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jupiter in the 9th gives India victory !

Providence ( Jupiter in the House of Fortune ) saved India yet again. Master Batsman Sachin Tendulkar got Man of the Match Award for his blistering 85, but then he had as many as six lives.

Four Paki fielders let him off, Misbah, Y Khan, Afridi and Akmal. He survived two close calls for lbw and stumping. Today was his day.

Let us see the astrological factors.

Yesterday was Dhanishta, his kshema tara or 4th star or Lucky Star. But Dhanishta, which ruled for 57 Nadis ( 23.5 hours ) or right throughout the day was not so good for India or Dhoni. For Dhoni, it was his vipat tara, or adverse star. Hence the nervousness of the Indian spectators and viewers !

For Sehwag, this was his sampat tara or favourable star. Even though he scored only 38, he hit the premier Pak bowler, Umar Gul, for five fours in one over. He hit Gul off his length !

When we analysed, we knew that some factors were adverse and we did remedial measures to overcome those adverse factors. We knew that the Transit positions of Jove and Saturn are benign and so ultimately India will triumph. ( As for me, I fasted in the afternoon, as I badly needed an Indian triumph. I indulged in prayers and meditation right throughout the day and relief came from tension at 1000 PM ).

For Pak, the transits of Jupiter and Saturn are not so benign. Jupiter in the Tenth is Dasame Darika Vadham or adverse for their Ego. Saturn in the 4th is also disconcerting and affected their batting performance in this WC. Not even one Paki batsman had scored a century and they were reckoned formidable because of their excellent bowling !

On 25th, Mars moved over to Pisces, ending some bad luck for India. After then Indian bowling became efficient and fielding improved. Indian fans were afraid that bowlers and fielders might put Sachin & Co down ! But in the QF and SF, Indian bowling and fielding rose to the occasion. The mighty Australians were restricted to 260 in QF and in SF, Pak were bowled out for 231 !

Friday, March 18, 2011

Panic not as Super Moon will not harm Earth !

Now that Super Moon has already harmed ( the tsunami ), it will not harm
furthur !

Here we give the dates of the Super Moon from 1950 to 2050

November 10, 1954
November 20, 1972
January 8, 1974
February 26, 1975
December 2nd, 1990
January 19, 1992
March 8, 1993
January 10, 2005
December 12, 2008
January 30, 2010
March 19, 2011
November 14, 2016
January 2nd, 2018
January 21st, 2023
November 25, 2034
January 13, 2036

To make one revolution of the earth, the moon takes 27.3 days . Since, as the earth has motion and has moved in the heavens, it takes further two days to catch up with the earth. ( Full moon-new moon lunar cycle takes 29.5 days.

The moon's orbit around the Earth is elliptical, and its orbit is inclined at 5.14 deg to the elliptic (earth's path around the sun) with a substantial eccentricity of 5.49 percent (earth's is 1.67 per cent). The Moon at Super Full Moon will be at 217 K kms and at Apogee it is more than 300 K. A difference of more than 100 K kms. The Moon will be Full when it is near Perigee and will appear brighter. Yesterday Moon was a great sight in the heavens.

Jupiter in Pisces will see to that the Earth is not harmed. The Sun Moon
Opposition takes place in Pisces/Virgo and Jupiter is there, posited in
Pisces. Hence we dont see any devastation happening on the 19th in US and
20th in India !

Anyway the Gayathri mantra should be recited for the welfare of humanity !

Jove will save Earth !

Should one worry about the Super Moon? NO!

The Super Full Moon occurs when Sun is in Pisces and Moon comes diametrically opposite at ( 180 degree from the Sun's longitude ) Virgo. This is the Full Moon, the Pournami of Indian Astronomy.

Now Jupiter in Pisces is the Redeeming Grace. Jupiter, the indicator of Divine Grace will save this planet from catastrophes.

Some devastation has already taken place, as the Tsunami hit Japan on the 11th. Still Japan is in a mess. Burning nuclear rectors , earthquakes and tsunamis ravaged Japan and Japan looks like a devastated area.

Jupiter is the divine planet, the wisdom planet and He will not allow this planet to be destroyed !

It will not be the end of the world, as some Doomsday theorists make out. Vedic Astrology does not support Doomsday theories. The sum total Energy in the Universe is a constant and cannot be destroyed ! So no end of the world !

One need not bother unnecessarily about this phenomenon. There were Doomsday theories that the world was going to end in 2000 ! ( There was one grand father of Pongo Twistleton in Wodehouse, who gave all his shirts and pants to a passerby, saying that the end of the world was coming at 1030 AM sharp ! ).

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Sun Moon Opposition !

The Sun Moon Opposition is called Pournami in Sanskrit, when the Moon is 180 degrees away from the Sun.

The Sun Moon Conjunction is called Amavasya in Sanskrit, when the Moon is conjunt 0 degrees with the Sun.

The Super Moon is a Full Moon. The Super Moon is a term coined by the astrologer Richard Nolle.

Yesterday, there was an earthquake in Japan, measuring about 6 on the Richter scale. Japan is devastated by explosions in nuclear reactors, earthquakes and tsunamis or harbour waves !

In 2005, Tsunami struck fifteen days before the Super Moon date. This time almost one week before.

One has to be wary of this week.

Super Moon hits Japan !

Those who decry Astrology should see the post on Super Moon which we posted on 10th. The Tsunami ( japanese for harbour wave ) struck on 11th, causing widespread destruction.

The Super Moon is a Full Moon. Full Moon means that the Moon is away from the Sun in Opposition and New Moon means the Moon is near the Sun in conjunction.

This phenomenon is known to astro savants and to the Indian mind, Astronomy, Astrology and Mathematics are epistemically correlated.

Some people, due to the influence of Anti Paganism, decry Astrology. This is because during early childhood, they have been taught by the ignorant priesthood that Astrology is hog wash !

The priesthood, sunk in Nescience, believes in the phenomenon of water turning into wine and such irrational miracles. They believe in the Immaculate Conception, which is not physiologically possible ! Another dogma is the Resurrection, which is not scientifically possible.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oil & Stock Market move towards the state of 2008

Experts consider that the Stock Market and Oil Market are retrograding back to the state of 2008, when acute Recession was observed.

Oil had peaked to $140 per barrel then. Then the main causative factor was the economic crises in almost all developed countries.

Today the main cause is the unrest in all oil producting countries. Oil price may go to the Resistance Level of $140 !

Meanwhile, Obama has opined that increased demand for cooking gas and oil from the BRIC nations ( Brazil, India, China and Russia ) is responsible for the oil price hike. These economies are fast, developing economies and they need more oil and gas. Obama was addressing the media about the oil price rise.

If in 2008, oil price hike was due to recession in many countries, today the cause is that some countries ( BRIC nations ) are developing fast !

At the moment, India is on a growth curve with exports expected at $ 230 billion and imports at $ 317 b. A deficit of 87 b ! Indian exports crossed the 200 b mark in the first eleven months this fiscal. Feb exports was over $ 20 b.

The growth of the export sector, therefore, will be 50%, as India exported around $ 160 b last year.

India is planning to increase exports to the tune of $ 450 b in three years. But then what will be the figure of imports ?

So a robust 8.6 % growth is forecast for the Indian economy. Astrologically, India is under the favourable Jupiterian transit till May 6th and the benign Saturnine transit till Nov 15. After these dates are over, India will be facing adversity. Jove in the 10th and Saturn in the 4th give scope for alarm and despondency. We do not know how the oil price rise will affect India. As India imports 70% of its oil requirement, she may be adversely affected by the oil price hike !

Friday, March 11, 2011

Senex down by 200 points, The Super Moon ( Tsunami ) Effect ?




The Lunar Perigee ( when the Moon is closest to earth ) is called Supermoon and is believed to cause earthquakes and natural disasters.

That Moon causes tides is well known and Supermoon may affect tides.

On Mar 19, the Moon will be 221,567 miles from earth, the nearest point in 20 years.

There were Superomoons in 55,74,92 and 2005 and these years were characterised by extreme weather conditions.

Weatherman John Kettley said about the phenomenon on Mar 19th."A moon can't cause a geological event like an earthquake, but it will cause a difference to the tide. If that combines with certain weather conditions, then that could cause a few problems for coastal areas."

Astrologically, Sun will be at 334 degrees and Moon at 143 degrees.

As a remedial measure, the mantra of the Moon Om Saum Somaya Namah can be chanted. Also the Gayatri mantra, as natural calamities affect the psyche of universal humanity !

Om Bhoo Bhuvah Swah
That savithur varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo yo no prachodayath
Some astronomers, who decry Astrology, says there wont be much problem during this phenomenon of Extreme Super Moon.

We are giving the Anti Thesis ( to the Astrological Theory of Lunar Perigee) here, the opinion of Pete Wheeler
of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy.

Wheeler stated, "(The Earth will experience) just a lower than usual low tide and a higher than usual high tide around the time of the event, but nothing to get excited about."

"Remember in the past, planetary alignments were going to pull the sun apart. It didn't. Astrologers draw a very long bow most times. Normal king tides are about all I would expect out of this Super Moon prediction," he added.

The Web world is in fact, influenced by the Super Moon phenomenon and this is very much evident in Google trends, a public facility of Google Inc, based on Google Search, that shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages.

Within a few day, the Earth could be headed for a big showdown. Some experts also claimed that huge storms, earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters will occur on Saturday, Mar 19. On the very day, the moon will swing around Earth more closely than it has in the past 18 years.

Extreme Super Moon is the term coined by those who are well versed in the Art of the Nine Revolving Heavens ( Astrology ).

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Only bowlers can deny Sachin the WC

Pardon for this digression, I cannot conceal my admiration of Sachin !

It seems Indian bowlers and fielders are ready to let Sachin down !

Sachin does not bat alone. The nation of 1.2 billion bat with him ! He is their Redeemer, their second Moses, who shows them the divine, Promised Land !

The way he played on Sunday, careful in the initial stage and then blossoming in the latter stages, was a great display of batsmanship. There are many critics who say he is playing for records, like Gavaskar. The five massive sixes he smote, the ten fours he blasted, all pointed out his class !

This is a pauper nation pleading for relief, said the poet. From the long remission of the angst of being Indian ! And walking in spirit with their visored Redeemer !

When he cracked his 98th hundred, he has set the records on fire. Another milestone awaits him in this WC. 2000 runs in the WC. Two more centuries and he will become immortal.

FII investment in mutual bonds, a bullish factor !

The Sensex rose, when the FM announced that FII investment is welcome in Mutual Funds. This will pave the way for billions coming in to the mutual funds sector.

The Sensex rose 623 points yesterday, an inordinate rise. Experts feel that more dollars will find its way into the Indian stock market.

The Budget was said to be populist, but it will not hurt Industry. It comforts the middle class man ( IT limit increased to 1.8 lk ) and Industry.

On the whole, an industry friendly budget and the initial euphoria has led to the inordinate rise of the Sensex !

The FM has done a balancing act, he has to please both Industry and the Common Man.

Ridham Desai, the MD, Morgan Stanley India, said that the move to allow global investors in mutual funds is very positive. Another positive factor is the infra spending of 27% more. He expects a positive impact of 50-60 bps on earnings. He expects the markets, Sensex and Nifty, to perk up by a furthur 20%.

"I think the budget was okay, there was nothing bad in the budget. I guess market expectations were a little bit on the lower side. So, I think there is a sigh of relief that there is nothing untoward in the budget.

I think he has done a decent balancing act. There were a lot of constituencies to serve. I think there is a bit of skepticism on the numbers, maybe the revenue side is a tad aggressive and on the subsidy side, he has been maybe a little bit too aggressive on the downside. So, maybe eventually he is going to have a tough fight on his hand to meet these numbers.

But apart from that, I think there were a few positive takeaways, which the market I don’t think has immediately paid attention to, I don’t see a lot of investors have paid attention to it. This whole thing about the Nandan Nilekani Committee is a very positive signal. The move to allow foreign individuals to invest in domestic mutual funds is positive.

I think there is a fair bit of infrastructure. If we look at the split of expenditure, he is budgeting for a 27% increase in infrastructure spending. Now, in a budget where overall spending is rising 3.5%, that is a huge skew towards a particular sector in terms of spending. Ofcourse the skeptics will come back and say but he didn’t do it last year, he had spending increased last year and he underdelivered. But the fact is that he has chosen to discriminate all his spending basket. He has picked out infrastructure for his spending, which I think is the key area where we need the spending.

So, he is doing the right things. Now, it is all down to execution. It is easy to stand up now and say, “They will not execute and be skeptical about it.” I think the other way of looking at it, which is my way of looking at it, is we will see we will wait and watch and give them the benefit of doubt right now and come back late to check whether the executions have happened or not. So, I am reasonably okay with the budget. I think it is pretty okay for the market."

"The market interest rates, to me, at various levels look like we are almost done. The only caveat here is what happens to oil. In 2008, when oil went up, we responded with the very sharp increase in rates. If oil does go up to USD 130-140 per barrel then that may have some implication on short-term rates. Otherwise, I think deposit rates we are mostly done, lending rates may go up a little bit. The RBI definitely needs to move a little bit maybe another 75-100 bps over the next nine-twelve months, but not a lot left on short rates. I think we are dealing with almost peak rates across various market interest rates."

We had said in our columns that India is running a good time, astrologically. Jupiter in the 9th and Saturn in the 3rd are both favourable. Period wise, India is running Sun Dasa/ Rahu Bhukthi. The ICTT Terminal at Vallarpadam became operational during this phase. Vibrant Gujarat mopped up 450 billion during this time. The Sensex is going up, thanks to the govt allowing global investors to invest in the mutual funds sector. Bullish news will come in during favourable times and during unfavourable times, bearish news ! The markets normally go down after budgets. But this time, due to the pragmatism of the FM, it is otherwise !

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Economic Survey 2011

FDI in Retail has been advocated by the Economic Survey of 2011. There can be private participation in the social sector.

It is good that the farm sector has clocked in 5.4% growth. Forex reserves at $297 billion. The foodgrain production has gone up to 232 million tonnes.

With the financial planet, Jupiter, in the favourable House of Fortune, this good news has come in.

As food prices rise, there is an imperative need for immense investment in the agri sector. It is due to the good performance of the agri sector that the economy has clocked in 8.6% growth.

The survey calls for a second green revolution. As the world is undergoing a Food Crisis, the solution is to upgrade agriculture so that India becomes the granary of the world.

As far as the stock market is concerned, every correction is good.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cricket Astrology and Mars

In Cricket Astrology, Mars is the planet of Cricket and the 3,6,7 and 11 houses are very important.

The Third House signifies ability, courage, hands, energy, fitness, mental strength, intelligence. The Sixth House represents enemies, victory, action and competition. The Seventh House represents the opponent. The Eleventh House represents fame, gain, fulfillment of desire, ambitions, profits, wishes and desires.

Sagittarius represents ground playing games and the Signs which trine Sag like Leo and Aries also become significant. Aries is the natural Ascendant of the Cosmic Man or Kalapurusha and Leo, the sign of sports and games.

Mars represents the organising ability, administration, competition, determination and energy ( sathvam kujo ) . Mars is the most important planet in Cricket Astrology and you will find powerful Mars in the horoscopes of Cricketers. The power of 3,6,7 and 11 Houses also denote cricketing success.

Mars is in the 7th House in Aries, forming Ruchaka Maha Yoga, in the horoscope of Kapil Dev.

Mars is exalted in the horoscopes of Wadekar, Gavaskar and Tendulkar.

Mars is powerfully posited in Scorpio in the horoscope of the Wall ( Dravid ).

In Ganguly's horoscope, Mars aspects the 6th and 7th Houses.

Mars tenants the Ascendant in Srinath's horoscope.

Mars is powerfully posited in the 3rd in Sehwag's horoscope.

Mars aspects the 5th House, in Yuvraj's horoscope.

Mars is powerfully posited in own sign, in C K Nayudu's horoscope.

Mars is placed in the 5th, in Leo, in Bradman's horoscope.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Summer Rains !

Yesterday it rained heavily for more than two hours. Started from 0600PM and lasted till 0830 PM.

There is a saying in Malayalam " Kumbha mazhayil kathirum pookam " - that anything will sprout during the summer rains in the sidereal months of Aquarius.

Temperature may rise to more than 40 degrees in the sidereal months of Aquarius ( Kumbha ) and Pisces ( Meena ).

Kerala receives more than 400 mm rains during the summer. This comes as a big relief from the blistering heat. And when Kala Varsha ( South East Monsoon ) comes, people welcome it as a merciful release, even though it can wreak havoc on the "rural infrastructure" !

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jove in the 9th. Export target will be realised !

Indian exports zoomed to $20 billion last month and touched $184 billion. Two more months to go and the $200 b target will be met.

We have already said that favourable Jupiter and Saturn will give India some breaks. There is a 32% growth in exports.

Within three years, the export target will be $450 billion. Indian industry is confident of doing that.

Regarding the stock market correction, all technical corrections are healthy. So these corrections are healthy and the market, after falling to low levels, will rise. Jupiter and Saturn are creating favourable corrections.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Jupiter in Pisces augurs well for Indian Cricket







Till May 6, Jupiter will be in Pisces, in the 9th. The World Cup, therefore, will take place when Jupiter transits the 9th. Saturn will be in the favourable third. The only negative factor is that Mars will be moving over to the 8th, on 20th March. So things are looking good for India ! There may be slices of bad luck after 20th March.

Jupiter was in the Fifth, a favourable house, in Scorpio when India won the 1983 World Cup.

Imran Khan, the former Pak skipper, was on TV yesterday contradicting Petersen's view that the WC longish schedule is negative.

On the other hand, it is positive, he feels. The greatest threat a team can face is injuries. He cited the example of the Pak defeat in the 1987 final, when their 3 major players were injured.

Now India is also smarting from injuries. Praveen Kumar is flying to England for treatment and Sreeshant may be roped in. Asked about Sreeshanth, Imran said that Sreeshant is not a bad replacement. His oustwingers are excellent.

About the Pak skipper problem, Imran said that Misbah does not have adequate experience. The World Cup will be fiercely competitive, and Misbah simply do not have the experience to handle tough situations, which may arise. Misbah did play well yesterday, scoring 93 no and winning the match for Pakistan.

Imran said India are favourites and Sri Lanka are second favourites. But he warned that Pakistan can be the dark horse. Pak may enter the semis, upsetting the theory that Sri Lanka or SA, Australia, England and India may reach the semis.

Dhoni said he will convert pressure into responsibility.

There is a theory that India in 1983 had nothing to lose, as they were written off as underdogs, and hence they performed well, as they played without pressure. They were not a star studded side, like the present one, and was a team of bits and pieces players. Bits and players players are players capable of taking one or two wickets, and can score 30/40 runs. Not people who score 200 not out !

The present Indian team is star studded, with a lot of watchwinners. Sachin is the top scorer in ODIs with 200 no against SA, we have Yuvraj who created a record in the T20s by hitting six sixes in an over ( overtaking Sobers' and Shastri's performances, which was only in county cricket ), an explosive batsman in Sehwag and a blitzkreig batsman in Y Pathan. More experienced is this team than the 1983 squad. The only enemy India will face is pressure. As Trevor Bailey used to say " It is the situation". It is pressure which will be the no 1 enemy. Look at Pathan's last innings. When India were 113/8, the game was almost over. And Yathan played without any pressure. When he scored a hundred with 8 sixes and 8 fours, then pressure crept in. There was a chance for India to win and then when pressure came, he got out, giving the match on a platter to the South Africans !

It is easy for Dhoni to say he will change pressure into responsibility. If Indian players do not perform well, they would have let the 1 billion Indians down. They are playing before a 100,000 crowd, watched avidly by miliions of cricket crazy Indians. There is tremendous pressure on all teams, but more on India. When everybody thinks that India is favourite, pressure becomes enormous. But then, India are on their home ground and home ground advantage can be benign !

India's strength lies in her spinning allrounders. Yuvraj, Pathan, Sehwag, Sachin, Raina all can bowl and they are fairly well experienced. Another factor in their favour is the position of the heavens. Jupiter in Pisces is in the 3rd in India's national horoscope. Saturn in the 3rd is a redeemer !

India is currently placed 2nd in ODIs, ICC Rankings. Retaining that spot brings in another pressure situation ! Complacency should be avoided at all costs and anything can happen in one day cricket. Most of the teams are more or less equal. Australia, England, South Africa and Sri Lanka can stage upsets at any time. They have better fast bowlers than India !. ( Allan Border is of the view that Aussies with three genuine fast bowlers will lift the Cup )

It is to be noted that this will be Sachin's last World Cup. He has created all records except one. He is not like, like Kapil Dev, a member of the WC victors ! What greater gift can be there than consecrating the WC to Sachin Tendulkar ?