Saturday, May 31, 2014

Stock Markets at dangerous levels !

It is good that Indian marine exports crossed $ 5 billion. Next year's target 6 b.

With 100% FDI in defence, there will be acceleration in GDP growth, which is now at 4.7%.

Regarding exports, India is ranked 16th and Indian exports are at 317 billion. Still way behind China (> 2 trillion), EU ( > 2 trillion ) and Us ( 1.5 trillion ). Let us hope that Indian exports will cross the 1 trillion mark within 3 years !

More FDI is needed in Food Processing and Tourism infrastructure.

Meanwhile, we see the Stock Markets at dangerous levels, when we apply the Warrent Buffet Level Indicator, the Market Cap to GDP Ratio ! There may be a fall ! Beware !

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Let us improve our marketing skills !

Kerala Tourism netted 23 K crores and is growing at 8.4%. It should have been much more if the authorities had focussed on infrastructure development. The progress of Indian Tourism is also not bad, growing at 6.4%.

Trichur Pooram is promoted as Incredible Kerala. The evangelists are marketing experts and they marketed their Bible efficiently. 3 billion copies of Bible sold. If not for ISKON and TM, the world wouldnt have heard of the Geetha !

We have to improve our marketing skills, our technical skills, blogging skills, writing skills, designing and programming skills etc.

Now the World Bank has admitted that India is the third largest economy, as per GDP PPP. Let Hindustan become the numero uno in the years to come.