Thursday, December 23, 2010

Buy food processing scrips.

FDI in 2010 in the food processing sector has gone up by 175%. France, Germany and Canada are investing in the highly potential food processing sector in India.

We suggest you buy food scrips at declines. Wait for the market to bottom out and buy these scrips !

The major food scrips are

Nestle India Ltd
Cadbury's India Ltd
Kelloggs India
Hindustan Lever Ltd
Godrej Foods
MTR Foods Ltd
Ruchi Soya
Tata Tea


Amul's turnover is more than 1.7 billion USD. ITC Foods' Ashirvad and Sunfeast brands have already captured the market. MTR Foods is a good buy. It has been acquired by ORKLA. One need not unduly highlight the potential of the MNC scrips like Cadbury's, Nestle and Kellogs !

Still there are many challenges for the Indian f p industry. After the success of the Green and White revolutions, India became a major provider of foodgrains, fruits, vegetables and milk. But his success was not matched by developments in supply chain management and in new technologies for the preservation, processing and storage of food. More than 70% of fruits goes waste due to lack of infrastructural facilities, lack of cold storage units and warehouses. Near starvation and pockets of shortages, substantial wastage due to spoilage, quality deficiencies and inadequate returns to farmers characterise this sector.

The Indian F P Minister told the Western powers " We have the raw material, you have the technology. So please invest in India " He is right, as India produces 13% of the world's vegetables and 10% of the world's fruits !.

At the moment, India needs an investment of $30 b in this sector. Rising incomes for the middle class, rising urbanisation, rising dual income households, all point out to the fact that the numero uno industry for India will be food processing !

In Financial Astrology, Jupiter rules fruits and vegetables. His placement in the 9th does augur well for this industry. So you can invest in these scrips, when the market reacts sharply ! Buy cheap, sell dear !

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sensex falls, despite good results in Q2.

According to the Central Statistical Organisation, India's GDP growth during Q2 was 8.9%

IIP grew by 10.8%, farm sector a surprising 4.4% and other sectors also grew at a fair pace.

The Sensex had not gone up, on receipt of this news. It is still languishing in the 19 K mark.

Only six Indian states have got more than 75 billion SDP. They are Maharashtra ( 152 b), followed by UP (89 b), AP ( 31), W Bengal ( 76 b ), Gujarat (75 b) and Tamil Nadu ( 75 b ). Karnatatka comes seventh with 59 b, Rajastan with 43 and Kerala is placed 9th with 40 b, out of India's 1.2 trillion dollar economy !.

Still Indian states are far behind Singapore and Malaysia ( more than 200 b ), Taiwan ( 432 b ) and Korea ( 832 b ), the four Asian tigers !

In PPP, you can multiply the number by 3 and you get the GDP PPP. For instance India's 1.2 tr dollar economy becomes 3.5 tr at PPP. Similary you can multiply the state's GDP or SDP by three and you get more or less the GDP PPP.

Jupiter moving to Pisces augurs well for India. Good Monsoons means 1% more growth, according to Montek Singh. Now that Saturn is in the Third, India is geared up for furthur growth.

Today the market has gone up by 182 points. Nifty by 50 points.

Here are the percentage growths for different sectors

Agriculture, forestry and fishing 4.4%
Mining & Quarrying 8%
Manufacturing 9.8%
Electricity,Gas & Water Supply 3.4%
Construction 8.8%
Hotels, trade, transport & communications 12.3%
Financing, insurance & Real Estate 8.3%
Community, social & personal services 7.3%

The CSO warns that a prolonged recession in developed countries may affect adversely services and manufacturing sectors !

Monday, December 06, 2010

The Return of Asia !

Asia was the wealthiest continent during Miltonic times.

In a kingdom, far
That outshone the wealth of Ormuz and of Ind
Satan exalted sat !

Thus wrote Milton. Ormuz or Persia and Ind or India, then, were the richest countries of the world.

Now the pendulum is swinging in favour of Asia. The Industrial Revolution saw the West rising and becoming formidable in the economic sphere.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Asia was turned into a captive market for the industrialised Western countries. A reversal of fortunes occured in the 1970s, when the affluent Western consumers enabled Japan, S Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore to emerge as low wage manufacturing bases for consumer goods. Later China and India emerged as low wage services and manufacturing bases. India excelling in IT services and China in manufacturing, along with the expertise of Japan, will turn this into an Asian century !

Special Economic Free Trade Zones are being created in Chindia ( China and India ) and this will propel these two giants into towering economies. China's creation of SEZs saw many companies moving over to China to become competitive. China became the workshop of the world.

In 1992, India initiated economic reforms that ended India's socialist economy. The collapse of India's closest friend, the Soviet Union, had left no other option. Now India exports software more than 50 billion USD. India has already become a hub for
global service industries.

China, India and Japan contribute 65% of Asia's GDP. Asia will be the main driver of world growth for the next two decades, with a middle class base of more than 1.5 billion people. 600 million middle class Chinese, 520 million middle class Indians and the rest will fuel economic growth !

The Asia of 2050 will be like the Asia of the 17th century, which dominated the world in terms of wealth ! She is already spiritually wealthy, let her now be materially wealthy !

The Sensex will surpass 50000 within a decade and India's GDP, now 3.5 trillion USD as per PPP estimates, will quadruple. 2030 will see China as the first economic power, US the second and India the third !

Monday, November 22, 2010

Anizham Njattuvela wreaks havoc !

Meteorology may say it is a depression in the Bay of Bengal called La Nina which is responsible for the rains, but to those well versed in Astro Meteorology, it is the Sun's transit of Scorpio and the constellation of Delta Scorpi, which is the cause, as heavy rains lashed Trichur. From 0500 PM it was raining till 1100 PM, when I went to sleep.

According to Meteorology, La Nina is a coupled ocean-atmosphere phenomenon of El Nino, as a part of the El Nino Southern Oscillation Climate pattern. La Nina is defined as the dialectial opposite of El Nina !

These depressions happen only during the Monsoon season, when the Sun transits the constellations from Eta Tauri to Alpha Scorpi ! So Astro Meteorology is right !

Why do these depression not happen during the summer season?

Climate Change, triggered by Global Warming, is creating havoc throughout the world. Sea levels rose by 1.8 mms from 1961 to 2003. All snowy mountains are melting. Co2 levels are increasing. Forest fires increased. When hot air creates lightning, forest fires are more. More cyclones and thunderstorms. Extreme climatic patterns are produced. More floods and more draughts than usual.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vishakha Njattuvela strikes Kerala !

Fierce rains, accompanied by thunder and lightning, was the characteristic of Vishakha Jnattuvela or the Sun's transit of Beta Librae.

This is Thula Varsha or the North East Retreating Monsoon. Great thunder and lightning at Trichur and I couldnt work on my PC or watch Tv at night.

In Cherpu of Trichur, more than 400 acres of agriculture was destroyed by the rains, the rains of Life and Death.

The Monsoon season in Kerala is about to end and will end with Thrikketa Jnattuvela or the end of the sidereal month of Scorpio. From Sagittarius onwards, it is the hot season and farmers will have to water their lands till the 15th of Edava or Taurus, which heralds the South West Monsoon.

When the Retreating Monsoon ( N E Monsoon ) ends, there is no sigh of relief in this Tropical Zone or Torrid Zone, situated at 10.30 degrees north latitude, as nobody likes the blistering hot season. More than 100 people died due to sunstroke last summer !

Friday, October 22, 2010

Good corporate performance !

The banking sector has recorded good corporate performance. While the State Bank of Mysore post a growth in net of 13%, Indian Bank recorded 11.8% net rise and Vijaya Bank 33% !

Biocon, the blue chip BT co, recorded 20% growth in Q2. Wipro, the IT major, recorded a 10% rise in net profit !

There are some negative factors, like FDI falling, slipping down to 1.33 billion USD in August, from 3.28 b ! Overall, there is a slump in FDI.

Jupiter, the financial planet, moves over to the adverse 8th for India and this indicates some financial stringency. This is only a temporarary phase, as Indian stock market will go upto 50 K Sensex, within a decade. Let us not be bothered by temporary setbacks. Ultimately the victory will be India's !

Indians have mastered web designing skills, programming skills and English language skills, with the result India is the largest English speaking nation in the world. More engineering and medical graduates are produced nowadays and India will be the third largest economy in the world in 2020, after China and the US !

Housing units shortage is estimated at 20 to 70 million units and this is a huge opportunity for Housing Finance. Residential space price is rising in all urban and rural ares. Also commercial space, as India industrialises !

Now the stock market has fallen as expected, after companies mopped up 4800 crores as IPOs. From a long term perpective, this is only a temporary lull !

Monday, October 18, 2010

Thula Varsham begins today !

The Sun entered the first degree of Sidereal Libra, thus heralding the North East Monsoon or Thula Varsham, as per Astro Meteorology.

This is the Retreating Monsoon. Coming as a depression from the Bay of Bengal, it takes the moisture laden winds and then sweep down on the Himalayas and Indo Gangetic plains, and then pours over peninsular India ! Mainly caused by the heat generated by the overhead Sun on the Tropic of Capricorn. The places of the Indian Ocean becomes hot and the northern parts of India become cool. Cool winds from the Bay of Bengal cause this and the result is Thula Varsham !

Expected to rain till the end of the sidereal month of Vrischika or Scorpio, NEM is a boon to states like Tamil Nadu. Kerala gets both SWM and NEM !

Saturday, October 09, 2010

A great book on Numerology

Numerology is the art and science of the influence of the power of numbers, which influence our lives. Numbers have vibrations and this is known to Numerology.

Over 2000 years ago, Pythagoras, the father of Geometry, believed the key to understanding the universe was hidden in this mighty science of numbers. The past, present and future can be known via this vibratory science. Creation at it subtlest level is vibration. By identifying and interpreting their hidden meaning and symbolism of Numerology, one can gain insights into the past, present, and future.

The science of Numbers have their special place in our lives as birthdates, anniversaries are all based on numbers. The whole electronic world is based on numbers. In computers, everything is held in binary form, 0 and 1, which is off and on in the electronic representation. Nobody can live without numbers !

If you study your unique set of numbers ( your lucky numbers ), you have at your fingertips the tools to identify and examine the innate and powerful forces that influence your life and the lives of those around you. Through a fresh and exciting analytic/synthetic approach to this intriguing subject, famed numerologist and author Ruth A. Drayer has written Numerology a clear, brief guide for knowing and implementing this magnificent science.

Written for the novitiate as well as for the professional, the book begins with a history of Numerology, tracing its roots to ancient Egypt and Greece, if not India. The fundamentals of this science is explained elaborately, as she discusses the importance of free will, names, and birthdays along with the relevance of odd, even, and attainment numbers. Through the use of numerology charts and easy-to-follow instructions, she guides you into constructing your personal numerological chart.

Through the observation and understanding of your own unique numbers, you have the invaluable opportunity to gain greater insight into the nature of your personality and know your positive and negative aspects, the shortcomings as well as the qualities, with the objective of gaining control of your life. Numerology provides all of the tools you will need to achieve this goal. You can use the power of Numbers to impress people, superiors and achieve luck in whatever sphere you are in.

About the Author:

A professional researcher on the subject, Ruth A. Drayer has pursued the study of the Science of Numbers for over thirty years, and has taught thousands of others her professional & intuitive method of reading numbers. She counsels clients from all over the world, through her private practice. Ms. Drayer has served as a facilitator at conferences and workshops on this subject throughout North America, as she is a highly sought-after public speaker. She is a guest-expert on numerous television and radio shows and a world traveler, artist, and mother of four, Ms. Drayer lives in southern New Mexico.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Physical Astronomy of Kepler

No study of Astronomy is complete without Kepler ! Did he not bequeth the Laws of Planetary Motion to the world ?

Astronomy is nothing but Mathematical Astrology and Kepler gave the world the three laws of Motion.

1) The planets move in elliptical orbits.

20 Planets move fastest at perihelion ( nearest point to Helios, the Sun ) and slowest at Aphelion ( the farthest point from the Sun ).

3)The squares of their sidereal periods ( orbital periods ) is equal to the cubes of their semi major axes.

The base of Western Astronomy is Kepler. First we study Kepler and then we study Laplace !

Previousy astronomers ( Hipparchus, Ptolemy, Brahe, Copernicus ) have used many geomertical models to give a mathematical account of the movement of the luminaries. Astronomy is a branch of Physics, declared Kepler. In this great book, Kepler's Physical Astronomy, Bruce Stephenson demonstrates the importance of Kepler's physical principles of planetary motion. A must book for students of Astronomy and Mathematical Astrology.

Also for the creation of Astronomy and Astrology softwares. In any type of Astro software, let it be Indian, Western or Chinese Astrology, or Yahoo Astrology, this book contains great info which is good for the developer.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Delta Corvi transit of Sun strikes S Kerala !

Southern Kerala has been devastated by the solar transit of Delta Corvi ( Hasta Njattuvela ). When I woke up today it was raining cats and dogs and even now at 0900 AM, it is still raining.

This D Corvi transit has brought destruction in its wake. In Quilon, one guy died in the pond.

462 houses were destroyed in Trivandrum. The low lying areas of the District are under water now. Agriculture has been destroyed in Karamanayar, Vamanaypuram and. 493 people were moved to rehabilitation camps. The beach is votatile but no destruction has been reported.

The low lying areas of Quilon have been isolated. The rivers of Kallada, Achan Kovil and Ithikara are overflowing.

In Quilon alone 148 houses have been destroyed. 750 partially. The loss has been reported to be 2.15 Cr. 1215 people were moved to rehabilitation camps.

Rains will be there for four more days.

This signals the end of the South West Monsoon. On Oct 18th, Thula Varsham or the North East Monsoon takes over, when the Sun enters the first degree of Sidereal Libra.

Chitra ( Sun's transit of Alpha Virginis ) and Chothi Njattuvelas are known for good rains.

This seems to be Kanni Thula Varsham, as rains are accompanied by lightning, which is the characteristic of Thula Varsham ( the North East Monsoon .

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Jupiter in Pisce triggers Sensex surge

Atham Njattuvela is good and it is raining well in Kerala. Other parts of India also received excellent rains.

Good monsoon means that the agriculturist's income will be up. They will be investing in farm equipments, which is good for such equipment manufacturing companies. As India is an agrarian economy, a good monsoon ensures good industrial growth. The GDP growth is expected to be 8.5%.

Jupiter in Pisces is favourable for India and the Sensex moved to 20.4 K on reports of good monsoon, an expected 8.5 GDP growth and surging car sales. The Index of Industrial Production has gone up. The market capitalisation has gone upto 71,22514 crores. This is a great Value Addition as far as investors are concerned. But then the small investors have booked profits and hence they could not exploit the current bull surge.

$19 b was invested by the FIIs so far in 2010 and the cash flow has triggered the surge in both Sensex and Nifty. In Sep end they invested 43107 crores. Simultaneoulsy the Indian Financial Institutions have sold their holdings, in order to book profits. We hope that furthur momentum will be maintained. Most brokers feel that the Sensex will create new record this Deepavali, the Festival of Lights. They maintain that the record 21.4 K level of the Sensex ( on Jan 10, 2008 ) will be surpassed within one month. Adverse factors like Global Recession and rising crude prices may halt the slide. On 10, Jan 2008, the market capitalisation crossed 72 lakh crores and this wil be surpassed easily.

On Friday, Nifty closed at 6143 and the Sensex 20,445 ! SBI and Infy crossed 3000 INR. L&T crossed 2000 !.

IIP will will the highest in these 18 months. This is another bullish factor. The good monsoon comes as a boon to consumer companies.

Not only is this phase good for the secondary market, the primary market is also rising. 4000 crores were mopped up within 2 weeks.

Machiavellis say that companies will collect about 4800 crores as IPOs and the market has been manipulated. Once the IPOs are over, the market may react sharply. More info at Stock Market Astrology

Jupiter will be moving over to Aquarius and this does not augur well for India. He will be in the 8th in India's national horoscope from Nov 1 onwards. So be careful !

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Harmonic Astrology !

Did you know that the 360 degrees of the Zodiac has 360 different symbols? These Sabian symbols (a set of astrological notations representing each degree of the zodiac ) can be used for divination. Discusses origins of the symbols. Learn from the great Dane Rudhyar, a Titan in the field of Astrology.

Rudhyar integrated Jungian Psychology with Astrology and called it Harmonic Astrology. He postulated that the stars do not cause the effects ( like Dante who said planets impel and they do not compel ) and that but were pictures synchronistically aligned to human beings. Detailing psychological forces working in individuals. He did not override human freedom in responding to these forces. His magnum opus "The Astrology of Personality" was published in Lucis Publishing.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Books for creating Astro Software

If you want to calculate the longitudes of planets and create an Astro Software, then the best book for you is Laplace's CelestialMechanics. You can find out the mean longitudes of the planets, calculate the perturbations, the epicycles and then calculate the Heliocentric Longitudes of planets. You can use Laplacian equations to then reduce it to the Ecliptic Coordinates and then reduce them to Geocentric Coordinates, thus computing the true longitudes of the planets. A must for Astro software developers.

Kepler's Formulae

Kepler represents Old Astronomy. If you want to creat an Astro Software, you have to solve the Kepler problem. The Kepler Equation, M = E - e Sin E, may sound easy, but it is a transcendental equation and the most difficult amongst Kepler's equations. We can find out the True Anomaly of the planet, that is the angle between the planet and perihelion. The next step is to find the Argument of Perihelion, which is the angle between the Node and perihelion.

Laplace - Advanced Astronomy

Laplace's Celestial Mechanics is one of the best books ever written. If you read this magnificent book, you can handle Astronomy and Maths easily. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

A book for students of Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology, a guide to the fundamentals of Jyothish, is a great book by Ronnie Dreyer, for those hungering for the knowledge of Jyothish. Ronnie Dreyer has made the tough subject light by explaining in simple terms the mighty science of Astrology. Dreyer is well versed in Western Astrology, despite having profound knowledge of Jyothish. She can fathom the complexities, the pitfalls and the perplexities that veteran Western astrologer encounter while they deal with Jyothish. Throughout the book, there are warnings and hints that guide astrologers in the proper path, saving them from the interpretative calamities experienced by many astro savants.

Vedic Astrology is explained in simple terms to the student, without much technical jargon. Vedic Astrology is similar to Western Astrology and differs only by 23.5 degrees, which is the difference between the Zodiacs now.

Foreword is by James Braha, another veteran Vedic Astrologer.

This book is a must for the novitiate, as it contains immense information to the students of Evolutionary Astrology.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Astrology has 108 lunar mansions. That is 27 constellations multiplied by 4. Each asterism or Nakshatra is divided into 4 quarters. Nine such quarters tenant a Zodiacal Sign. Beta Arietis ( Aswini ) 1,2,3 and 4, 41 Arietis, 1,2,3 and 4 and the first quarter of Peiades ( Karthika ) tenant the constellation of Aries.

The quarters of Nakshatras are then the lunar mansion and the Sidereal Zodiac has 108 lunar mansions.

The book "Nakshatras, Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology" is a great book by Dr Dennis Harness and Dr David Frawley. It deals with the Sidereal Zodiac and contains a wealth of information about Vedic Astrology. A must for the novitiate.

Both are great scholars of Astrology and can enlighten the students about the great stellar science which is Vedic Astrology. Once the concept of Lunar Mansions is understood, the student can easily grasp the structure of the Sidereal Zodiac, upon which Vedic Astrology is based.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Astro Meteorology and Economics

What has the nation’s GDP growth got to do with the monsoon ? Everything !

The India Meterological Dept is considering declaring the monsoon to be a ” good monsoon “, in sharp contrast with the 2009 monsoon, which was more or less a failure.

A good monsoon means rising water levels in the reservoirs and dams. More power. It will raise farm output, control inflation ( particularly food inflation, which was 17.6% ) and spur economic growth.

60% of arable land is rain-fed. Hence monsoon showers are critical to soya bean, edible oil, sugarcane, rice etc. In India, the Monsoon is the real Finance Minister !

Because of the bad monsoon of 2009, Indian agri growth rose only .2%. On the other hand, this year’s monsoon will trigger 2.5 % agri growth and 8.5 % GDP growth. If India has sufficient infrastructure, the GDP growth will be more than 10%. A 4% agri growth forecast, many feel, will be too ambitious. Also a double digit GDP forecast !

Astro Meteorology is right again. The South West Monsoon hit Kerala on May 19th, from Karthika Njattuvela ( Sun’s transit of Eta Tauri ) onwards, slightly ahead of schedule. Sporadic rains characterised both Karthika and Rohini Njattuvelas ( Sun’s transit of Alpha Tauri ). Rains accelerated after Makiryam Njattuvela ( Sun’s transit of Lamda Orionis ). From 11th, 1130 AM onwards it has been raining incessantly. It is raining heavily now ( 13062010, 0300 PM ). There were non stop rains for 30 hours.

Tamil Nadu never used to get the South West Monsoon. But this time she got it ! There were rains in Bangalore and Surat.

As Thiruvathira Njattuvela ( Sun’s transit of Alpha Orionis ) will take over from 22nd June onwards, we expect the IMD to declare this monsoon as an ” excellent monsoon”.

Farmers use Thiruvathira Njattuvela for planting seeds, particularly beans and pepper.

Timely onset of monsoon has raised hopes of better production. The sugar output will be around 18.5 million tonnes this year.

As the Summer Season can be destructive ( more than 100 people died due to sunstroke ) monsoons can also be destructive. Fishermen are warned not to venture into the sea. The sea has attacked some 50 houses in Chavakkad Beach. Seven fishing boats were devoured by the sea. Winds at 60 km per hour are lashing Kerala. Those who are living on the low lying areas of Kerala are warned. On the positive side, rivers are overflowing, paddy fields are overflowing and wells, ponds, and lakes are full of water.

Edava Pathi & Its Two Branches

As the Sun enters the 15th degree of Taurus or Edava Pathi, the Arabian Sea Branch of the South West Monsoon first lash the Western Ghats, the rainforests of India, normally around May 29. The Western Ghats of coastal Kerala becomes the first place to receive it. This branch moves northwards along the Western Ghats, with precipitation on the coastal areas. ( coastal Kerala, coastal Karnataka and coastal Maharashtra . Bombay, on coastal Maharashtra, receives it on June 10th ). As the winds do not cross the Western Ghats, the eastern areas of the Ghats do not receive this precipitation.

At around the same time, the Bay of Bengal Branch of the S W Monsoon, picks up moisture laden particles from the Bay of Bengal and moves towards North East India, flowing over the Bay of Bengal. Immense rain mark the entry of these winds at the Eastern Himalayas. Shillong, on the southern slopes of the mighty Himalayas, is one of the most moist places in India. The winds then turn west, travelling over the Indo Gangetic plains at a rate of 7/14 days per state, showering its benign precipitation all along its way.

In the heavens, Venus, the water planet, moved to watery Cancer on 09 June. Jupiter in watery Pisces also augurs well for rains. Last year, Jupiter was in the Saturnine ( hence airy ) sign of Capricorn, which never indicated rains !

You find it difficult to take decision when to buy and sell ? New Stock NeuroMaster 2.0 stock market forecasting software gives you exact moments When to Buy and When to Sell to maximize your profit and be on top with the most effective traders. If you are looking for Stock Market Technical Analysis Training and if you are looking for Intelligent Stock Trading. these tools are the right diagnostic tools for you

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Indo Asean FTA - Challenges and opportunities !

For Kerala, which is a similar country to Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore etc, there are opportunities of benefiting from this ASEAN FTA. More than FTA, the Kerala Government is to be dreaded.

What Keralites should do is to face the challenges thrown by ASEAN FTA. The business equation of Globalisation is " Compete or Die ". So we should compete with the ASEAN countries in products and services and use the opportunities for our benefit.

There is fear in the Keralite mind about the challenges posed by ASEAN countries. Even though the Center says that the pact will work out to the advantage of India ultimately, Keralites feel that Kerala is not yet ready to face up to the challenge.

This fear is bound to be there till Jupiter, the financial planet, leave for Aquarius on Dec 19. Suddenly the 3.5 million workers in the coconut sector and one million fish labourers find themselves threatened.

The Center maintains that what Kerala fears are mere micro losses. India will get access to ASEAN countries' markets and bilateral trade, flourishing now at $ 34 b, will rise to more than $100 b.

We cannot protect a nation in these days of Globalisation. We have to compete or die.

What is a Free Trade Agreement ? It is a trade sans tax. 56 million is the population of ASEAN. India's population stand at 1.17 billion. Who are the ASEAN countries ?


It was in Oct 2003 the framework of the ASEAN pact was formulated. Bilateral trade rose to $6.93 b in 2000-2001 and in 2008, it stood at $34 b ! Experts point out that bilateral trade will be tenfold in the future !

Economy is Prudence

Have you heard this lucrative deal ? You can watch over 3500 satellite channels directly on your computer. Satellite Direct is the answer. Why pay $ 100 for Cable or Satellite TV services when Satellite Direct is there ? No subscription or monthly fees, no hardware to install, no bandwidth limits, 24/7 unlimited access, 3500 channels with auto channel updates ! Satellite Direct can reduce your bills !

India signs Asean FTA !

Yesterday the Indo- Asean FTA was signed.

Let us see how bilateral trade will fare ! It is bound to shoot up.

We feel that Kerala's fears will be unfounded, as India gets access to ASEAN markets. India is leading in IT, BT, NT and other services. India will capture the ASEAN market and bilateral trade will be to India's advantage !

Even though ASEAN countries have more yield and more productivity, India will compete in all fields. India will become the third largest economy in the world, according to a Goldman Sachs report, based on GDP growth !

The ten member countries of ASEAN - Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar - exported goods worth $864 b and imported $ 774 billion. India gets access to a one trillion dollar ASEAN economy !

The pact has been welcomed by industry lobbies. The CII welcomed the move, saying it will give India access to ASEAN markets. ASSOCHAM said that the bilateral trade will go to a whopping $60 billion in the near future.

FICCI said that the pact will open up new market opportunities for Indian business with zero tariffs on 80% of ASEAN imports within four years.

Indian PM Dr Singh had called a group of ministers to allay domestic fears before signing the pact. 489 items were kept out of the ambit of the pact.

The positiive stance of Jupiter, in India's Seventh House, is responsible for this move. India's exports ( and imports ) are bound to rise !

According to a Kerala Report, a new challenge has propped up. India has to improve her competitive efficiency to meet this new challenge. It is to be noted that exports to ASEAN are only $14 b, whereas imports are $20 b. A deficit of $ 6 b. Challenges are more; achievements may be less !

Cash crops, rice, fish, crude oil, electronics, auto accessories etc are all ASEAN exports to India. India exports wheat, oilseeds, pharmaceuticals, organic chemicals, ornaments and refined oil. China has tenfold India's grab of the ASEAN market. S Korea, New Zealand, Japan and Australia have signed pacts with ASEAN. Even though it is a free trade pact, India faces a formidable challenge !

In 07-08, India had a deficit of $14.56 billion. This is 15% of Indian total deficit. Indian trade deficit is increasing !

Make mega Stock market profits at affordable rates -

The Kerala perspective about ASEAN FTA !

Why does Kerala dread the Indo-Asean FTA ? Reasons are many.

Kerala Govt had asked the Centre to put 1400 items under the Negative List. Only 489 items have been now included in the Negative List.

The import tax on Kerala's products like coffee, tea, rubber, copra, coconut, coir, cashew, pepper, cardamon, coconut oil etc will have to be brought down to 50% or less by 2019. Import tax for Palm Oil has to be brought down to 40%.

After 2005, import tax is cent percent for tea and coffee. It is 70% for pepper and 90% for Palm Oil. When import tax on these items comes down to 40%, the backbone of Kerala economy will be threatened.

The Left and Saffron parties are against the Congress Govt signing the deal. They are going to start movements against the deal.

There are 3.6 lk workers working in the coir sector and 2.5 lk in the cashew sector. This year's cashew exports are 1500 crores. All these will be affected as the pact comes into effect from Jan 1, 2010.

The lowering of import tax on fish products and coconuts will affect the 1 million labourers working in the fisheries sector and 35 lk farmers in the coconut sector will also be affected.

While this is the Kerala perspective, the Center begs to differ saying that the pact may be a big challenge but it is a great opportunity. The Centre points out that India's bilateral trade had gone to $ 37 b with ASEAN and $80 b with EAS ( East Asia Summit ) countries.

EAS countries are 16. Six more countries added to the ten ASEAN member nations - China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, S Korea and India !

Jupiter will be in Aquarius, in India's Eighth House, the House of Hindrances, when this pact becomes operational.

Let us hope that, after the initial hurdles, India will capture the one trillion dollar ASEAN market !

Stock markets crash worldwide !

The Sensex crashed 627 points on Black Monday and all indices crashed worldwide !

We had warned in our columns not to invest in the stock market. We are proved right, even though the market has perked up by 250 points today.

Realty, metals, energy, gas etc were the badly hit sectors yesterday. Realtex fell by 7.5% yesterday. Investors lost 2 lk crores in a single day. Metals, auto, oil, gas, Banking, FMCG etc fell by 4-6%. DLF fell by 8%, Hindalco 7%, Tata Steel, Tata Motors and Sterlite lost 6%.

Debilitated Jupiter is not good for either realty or stock markets.

Kerala finds it difficult to compete globally !

Kerala finds it difficult to compete with other Indian states like Karnataka and T Nadu, let alone the ASEAN countries !

Gujarat and other states have declared their will power to compete with Malaysia and Thailand. It is unfortunate that Kerala finds it difficult to compete with the ASEAN countries !

Kerala is politically balkanised, with the Left and the Saffron parties opposing the ASEAN pact and Congress supporting the pact.

Congress maintains that there are merits. The Left maintains that there are demerits.

India gets access to the one trillion ASEAN market. The services sector worth 180 billion dollars. Indian milk products like AMUL can find their way to the ASEAN markets. Indian IT companies have got a competitive edge than their ASEAN counterparts. India stands to benefit a great deal.

On the contrary, the Leftists aruge that Globalisation has broken the back of the Kerala agri sector. Now 247 districts have been declared as drought affected. Deficient monsoon have wreaked havoc on the Indian economy. Palghat, one of the districts of Kerala, is worst hit. Facing drought and the demerits of the globalising world, Kerala finds itself at the receiving end. To compound the woes of Kerala is the ASEAN pact which will break the backbone of Kerala economy. The import tax on Coffee, tea and Palm Oil will be brought down to less than 50% and this will lead to a crash in prices, putting the Kerala farmers in the doldrums.

Congress maintains that these are micro losses, when compared to the macro gains India is going to have !

Jupiter in Capricorn, debilitated, affects not only the realty and stock markets, but also the economy !

The positive aspect of ASEAN FTA

The Leftists have unleashed negative propaganda that the ASEAN FTA will break the backbone of the Kerala economy. This was highlighted by the ex_CM of Kerala, Mr Ommen Chandy.

Mr Chandy points out that the four major items, viz - tea, coffee, pepper and Palm Oil - are in the Negative List, known as the Execution List. There are five lists - ordinary list, special list, execution list, sensitive list and highly sensitive list - and there are 12,168 items included in all. The items in the negative list are protected and there is nothing to fear for Kerala. 489 items are in the Negative list, of which 303 are agri products. The prevailing import tax will be there for all items in the Negative list and hence their uncontrolled imports will be discouraged.

Copra, cocounut, rubber, rice, cashew, honey, tapioca, mushrooms, sardines, shrimps, crab, fish products, milk and milk products, banana, pine apple, mangoes, orange, grapes, apple, elaichi, nutmeg, vanilla, ginger, turmeric etc are all in the Negative List.

The main products of Kerala, coffee, tea, pepper and Palm Oil are in the Special List. The import tax of these will have to be brought down to 50% or less within ten years.

The services - investment pact will greatly benefit India and Indian IT companies will conquer the ASEAN market !

Jupiter in the Seventh in India's horoscope is responsible for the signing of this pact, which gives India access to one trillion dollar ASEAN market !

India survives Global Recession !

While many countries are showing negative growth, India and China show positive growth.

When a country shows a negative GDP growth, that country is said to be in Recession, according to IMF.

Here are the stats

Nation 2009 2010

China 7.5 5.5
India 5.4 6.5
Russia -6.5 1.5
Brazil -1.3 2.5
England -4.2 2
US -2.6 0.8
Japan -6 1.7
Germany -6.2 -0.6
France -3 0.4
Italy -5.1 -0.1
Australia -0.5 1.3
Saudi Arabia -0.9 3.9

World GDP growth has come down to -2% and it is a miracle that China and India are showing positive GDP growth !

During the Great Depression of 1928, about 11500 banks went bust and 25% of the labour force lost jobs. It took the US five years to come out of that recession. Now the world is going through a torrid economic phase and the prophets of doom point out that the world is going towards a Second Great Depression.

In India, the consumer based industries show a bullish trend but IT appears to be bearish. IT which clocked a compunded annual growth of 30% has now come down to 5%.

The IT scrips of the Stock Market may be impacted. More so with the Satyam Computers scam.

Sept 08 will see the end of Elarata Saturn for India and Saturn's stay in Virgo may see the rise of steel, cement etc.

Indian software exports rise to $ 50 billion !

Karnataka alone exported $17 billion. Bangalore accounted for 97% of that figure and India's total exports zoomed to $ 50 b !

India is changing, with 40 million people added every year to the huge middle class base of 450 million. India has the largest TV network in the world and the second largest scientific and technical manpower. 3 million graduates are churned out per year. Net userbase has gone to $50 million and is growing at 26% per year. ICT has changed the face of India !

From Sep 08th onwards, Saturn will be in the lunar 3rd and furthur prosperity is indicated for India !

Auto Industry in India on the rise !

In April, 144,000 cars were sold, a growth of 40%. Indications that the country has moved away from Recession and is entering a growth curve.

On the export front, car exports registered a growth of 27% and motor bikes 95%.  Total export of auto units increased from more than one lakh to two lakhs !.

These are the companies which did it and shares of these companies should be bought at declines, when the  stock market reacts sharply.

Company                     Percentage growth

Maruti                         89.55

Hyundai                      6.3

Tata Motors                200%

Bajaj Auto                   200%

TVS Motors                88%

London listed Vedanta Resources, acquired the zinc unit of UK's Anglo American for 1.3 billion. This will give Vedanta 11% global marketshare. Acquisition to be done through Hindustan Zinc & this company's share can also be bought at declines. Now HZ is trading at 1119.

Jupiter in Pisces, in India's Ninth House, will definitely bring some positive news for India on the economic front.

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There are reports from Cyberabad ( Hyderabad ) that Hyderabad is more or less dried up. One lady on T V said lakes were encroached and there is a depletion of water resources. Hence the Water Crisis. If an IT Center like Hyderabad is like this, what about the other parts of India ?

If the desertification of Kerala has been initiated by some ignorant elements, Keralites have only themselves to blame. Let us put an end to encroachments on our water resources ! Despite having 44 rivers, despite having the highest water well density, despite receiving the highest rainfall ( 3000 mm, which is thrice the national average of India ), some of her places have a semi arid look, which is a cause for alarm and despondency !

Indian growth after Globalisation !

Before Globalisation, India's growth was a mere 3 percent. After Globalisation, it is now 7%.

The Sensex was just 2000 pre-Globalisation. After Globalisation, now it is at 17,000.

Globalisation has done wonders for India. India's rise in IT, BPO sectors are again after Globalisation. Urban India is undergoing a transformation as malls, hotels and resorts boom. Rural India is also improving and the total rural market is estimated at $450 billion.

Jupiter in Pisces now should bring more positive news for India, as Pisces is India's Ninth House.

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