Tuesday, April 05, 2011

India's Transfiguring Hour !

As we said in our columns before, 1030 PM on 02042011, proved to be India's
transfiguring hour !

Some idol worshipping Indians have not acknowledged the role played by
Gambhir. He came in when Sehwag was out second ball and when he got out, the
score was 223/4 and the dew had set in !

"The 97 in the World Cup final was not the best innings in my career but no
doubt the most important one so far," the 29 year old Gambhir told reporters
after reaching Delhi

"It was a special knock for me as it came in a special situation. The whole
country was expecting us to win the World Cup and I have contributed my bit
in India's triumph. So, it was the most important innings of my career."

His Delhi team mate Kohli supported him in a vital 83 run stand for the
third wicket.

"Obviously, a century in the final would have been the icing on the cake.
But winning was more important for the country. If you had hit a century but
your team lost there was no point," said the dashing left hander.

Normally he opens, but when he came in at No 3, India were 0/1, and his
experience as an opener served him well, particularly against the fast
slinging deliveries of Slinga Malinga !

"On the other hand, if you missed a century but helped your team win the
World Cup, that I will take."

One billion people were worried that the Little Master may score a century
and India may lose. One billion minds were worried that Indian batting may
collapse. But when Gambhir and Dhoni took over the responsibility of
steering India to victory, gone were the worries from the minds of the one
billion. One billion felt like World Champions from then on.

Jup Sun MarMer Moo Ket



The map of the Heavens at 0230 PM, 02042011, Mumbai.
LA means Lunar Ascendant ( Here Cancer Moon )

On April 1, Moon was the only planet adverse for India. On Apr 2, Moon moved
over to India's House of Fortune and all planets became beneficial.

It was as if the heavens stood ranged to say
"Be Thou The World Champions" !

Saturn in the benign Thirld represented the Crown
Jupiter, Mercury, Moon, Sun, Mars in the Ninth represented Divine Grace
Venus in the Eighth represented Wealth
And the Nodes in the 6/12 represented Conquest