Sunday, May 27, 2012

Adverse Saturn and favourable Jupiter generate a mixed market

The market will fluctuate as usual and it is now steady at 16 K. But Jove in the 11th favours the 
enterprising. India and China are the two economies growing. India has already become the third
 largest economy by GDP PPP, estimated at 4.45 trillion USD. In real GDP terms, however, she 
is 11th. Her tourist receipts are more than 200 billion and will reach 375 billion in a couple of 
years. Her IT exports were 79 billion last year. So India has great potential, along with China, 
who is growing at a faster rate. 

In this context, the Indian stock market offers great opportunities for the investor and this is

implied by Jovian 11th Transit. Adverse factors are represented by Saturn and high inflation and 
value erosion of rupee. So be wise while investing. In the long term you will succeed but you will
 have to wait and wait, as Saturn is adverse.