Saturday, January 17, 2015

Our Mobile Sites

The Mobile Web population in India has gone upto 173 million. Total Net population is 302 million.

We created mobile versions of main sites. We have uploaded a lot of articles in these sites.

Articles about the Fourth largest pilgrim center in the world and others.

Artiicles about Financial Astrology

Articles about the 18 sciences of Indian Philosophy

Offers from the Kerala Real Estate /

Happy reading !
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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sensex stabilises !



While it is difficult to judge whether this phase is the Correction Phase or the Impulse Phase, we have to know the principle  "be  greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy" !
We have the statement of the RBI Governor that the market may drop drastically. There are reports by some American experts that the market may react sharply. By considering the problems in Gaza, the civil war in Syraq ( Syria and Iraq ), one becomes careful. Vigilance must be exercised. It is true that the Market is booming due to the Modi Factor, it is also possible that the Indian GDP, both nominal and PPP, will become threefold in 10 years ! And that the Sensex may zoom to 35 K ! With a pro Market, pro FDI Government in place, India can only go up.
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

India' s Tuna Production and Export below potential !

We feel that India's canned production of tuna and its export are not upto the mark. Tuna fish exports are a mere 500 million dollars ! We can easily achieve 2/3 billion if we concentrate on this area.

Andaman and Nicobar Island have been identified as holding 25-30 per cent of tuna potential in the country. “A prespective plan for tuna fishing was released 3-4 months back with main focus for fishing in Andaman and Nicobar sea and also off Vishakapatnam and Tuticorin coast,” said one official.

Thailand exports 6 lakh tonnes of tuna. We have tremendous potential here. 

Indian fishermen were able to catch tuna fish venturing into the sea even in catamarans, but that was not the best part. " Immediately after catching the fish, it should be properly gilled and gutted to keep the histamine levels within the stipulated limits. It should then be preserved properly. Otherwise, the fish which is in great demand in Japan, the US and the EU will lose much of its export value."

It is estimated that India has a potential of 213,000 tonnes of tuna fish in the exclusive economic zone, but only a fraction is exploited now. Even its value is greatly diminished due to poor post-harvest practices.

We have uploaded a file Tuna Trade in Asia at the Files Section of the  F B Group, the Eighteen Sciences.
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Sunday, June 29, 2014

India, a Super Power by 2020 !

The Rise of Integral Humanism and the New Indian Order 

Integral Humanism conquered India on May 16th. Gone was the old software of pseudo secularism and pseudo egalitarianism. 

A K Antony of Congress openly admitted yesterday that people have lost faith in Secularism and that is why the Congress was devastated !

Let us now focus on the development of India.

India can be transformed by using the Five Ts


100 smart cities will be set up and all states will have IITs, IIMs, AIMS Center etc.

Brand India will be developed using the Seven Point Rainbow Principle, emphasising

Youth Power
Natural Resources

All areas of work will be innovated, for India to compete globally in the Knowledge Economy. People will put in 12 hours work a day, on their fields of expertise.

The New Indian Order will see to that India rises high globally and she has the potential to become a Super Power by 2020, with an estimated GDP PPP of > 20 trillion !
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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Stock Markets at dangerous levels !

It is good that Indian marine exports crossed $ 5 billion. Next year's target 6 b.

With 100% FDI in defence, there will be acceleration in GDP growth, which is now at 4.7%.

Regarding exports, India is ranked 16th and Indian exports are at 317 billion. Still way behind China (> 2 trillion), EU ( > 2 trillion ) and Us ( 1.5 trillion ). Let us hope that Indian exports will cross the 1 trillion mark within 3 years !

More FDI is needed in Food Processing and Tourism infrastructure.

Meanwhile, we see the Stock Markets at dangerous levels, when we apply the Warrent Buffet Level Indicator, the Market Cap to GDP Ratio ! There may be a fall ! Beware !
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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Let us improve our marketing skills !

Kerala Tourism netted 23 K crores and is growing at 8.4%. It should have been much more if the authorities had focussed on infrastructure development. The progress of Indian Tourism is also not bad, growing at 6.4%.

Trichur Pooram is promoted as Incredible Kerala. The evangelists are marketing experts and they marketed their Bible efficiently. 3 billion copies of Bible sold. If not for ISKON and TM, the world wouldnt have heard of the Geetha !

We have to improve our marketing skills, our technical skills, blogging skills, writing skills, designing and programming skills etc.

Now the World Bank has admitted that India is the third largest economy, as per GDP PPP. Let Hindustan become the numero uno in the years to come.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

2014 may be turbulent for Indian stock markets !

The heavenly signs are not so good. Jove in the 12th spells trouble.

The Sensex does not know whether to go backwards or forwards. With Saturn in the 4th, angular, India is in for a torrid phase, both politically and economically.

Despite some boom in certain sectors like marine products , auto and tourism, there are many negative aspects to be taken care of, while assessing the stock markets. India is already burdened by a 390 b debt and 100 b + deficit ! 

So despite all talk about the Sensex going to 50 K by 2020, 2014 seems to be a troublesome period for Indian stock market.

Beware !
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