Tuesday, November 27, 2007

4000 crores Indian pension funds to flow to the Stock Market !

Despite the sub prime woes and the rising price of crude, experts say that the money flow will continue to India

Indian pension funds to the tune of 4000 crores will flow to the Stock Market.

The Carlson group is investing 3 billion dollars in five years in India.

A big correction in the US market is in the offing. 6 major banks have lost billions in the subprime crisis. And the slowdown in the US market will definitely affect Asian markets.

Today, the market is down by some 100 points. Astrologically Jupiter's movement to the Sixth house in India's horoscope shows some sort of crisis. Crude at 95 dollars per barrel will affect India adversely, as India imports 70% oil. More vehicles on the roads ( indication of a growing economy ) means more demand for oil. Unfortunately, India has only 30% oil ! What will happen as vehicles increase, God alone knows !

India is undergoing the lousy phase of Elarata Saturn, the dreaded 7.5 year Saturnine cycle. 1.5 years more India will have to contend with some negative factors. Debt has gone up to 155 billion and deficit 55 billion !

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jupiter in Sagittarius and the Sensex tumbles !

As Jove moved over to the adverse 6th in India's horoscope, the Sensex fell by about 600 odd points.

Adversity hitting the market, after that benign one year when Jupiter was in the favourable 5th, when the Indian stock market grew by leaps and bounds.

Now the atmosphere has changed. Subprime woes in US has hit Indian markets. US has a cold and Bombay sneezes !

Astrologically the financial planet in the adverse 6th is not good for the Indian economy. Oil is hovering around the $100 mark per barrel and India's import bill is bound to go up.

So with Jove in the 6th and Saturn causing Elarata Saturn, India is in for troubled times, despite the 9% GDP growth. The 300 million BPL ( Below Poverty Line ) are worst hit. The official figure of 5% inflation seems not to be real when one purchases from the market. Prices are on the rise, more oil has to be imported, only 50% gas is available and there is the problem of infrastructure. India needs more power and better infrastructure !

Thursday, November 08, 2007

FII Investments in India

In 1999 - 6697 crores, cumulative 35468, no of FIIs - 492
In 2000 - 6511 crores, cumulative 41979, no of FIIs - 556
In 2001 - 13293 crores, cumulative 55272, no of FIIs - 482
In 2002 - 3577 crores, cumulative 58848, no of FIIs - 480
In 2004 - 38831 crores, cumulative 128127, no of FIIs - 637
In 2005 - 47181 crores, cumulative 178449, no of FIIs - 823

In 2006 - 36540 crores, cumulative 211082, no of FIIs - 993
In 2007 - 72060 crores, cumulative 284942, no of FIIs - 1123

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Jupiter in Sagittarius

At the moment the market is down 190 points, mainly due to global cues and the subprime crisis in the US.

8 U S Banks have reported losses worth billions of dollars.

Astrologically, we are watching the transit of Jupiter, who moves over to Sagittarius on November 21 !

Monday, November 05, 2007

Cash Flow to continue

The market fell by 380 odd points today. All Asian indices are down. The subprime crisis rears its ugly head again.

But despite these adversities, experts opine that the Cash Flow to India will continue. In US, interest rates have been reduced. This is a favourable factor for Cash coming into EMs, including India !

Astrologically, these fears are caused by Jupiter about to move over to Sagittarius on November 21 !

Friday, November 02, 2007

Cash flows to India to continue !

Experts opine that the capital flows to India will not be affected, despite the adversities in the global market. That Crude is about $96 is a matter of concern.

There will be temporary setbacks, no doubt.

We are eagerly awaiting Jupiter's entry into Sagittarius. Hope it will not affect India much !