Sunday, October 30, 2011

Of Scholarship

Scholarship is great and is like an expanding flower

Pandityam nava pallavam vikasitham pushpam prayogajnatha

In order to have scholarism graced, one should strive hard to gain it. It is said that the hard work done by the scholar is known only to the scholar ! How can others know it ?

The scholar and the world, the endless strife
The discord in the harmonies of Life
The love of Learning, the sequestered nooks
And the sweet serenity of Books
The marketplace, eager love for gain
Whose aim is vanity, whose end is pain !

Vidwaneva Vijanathi
Vidwajjana parishramam
Na hi vandhya vijanathi
Gurveem prasava vedanam !

How can others know the work hard
Which the scholars have indulged in ?
Like a barren woman who cannot know
The pain of delivering !

Friday, October 28, 2011

Big names for Indian numbers

There are greater numbers, than the ones mentioned below.

Maha Padma = 10^15
Kshoni = 10^16
Parardha = 10^17
Sankha = 10^18
Maha Sankha = 10^19
Kshithi = 10^20
Maha Kshiti = 10^21
Kshobha = 10^22
Maha Kshobha = 10^23

Neethi Lamba = 10^27
Sarva Bala = 10^45
Thallakshana = 10^83

Big names for Indian numbers

There are greater numbers, than the ones mentioned below.

Maha Padma = 10^15
Kshoni = 10^16
Parardha = 10^17
Sankha = 10^18
Maha Sankha = 10^19
Kshithi = 10^20
Maha Kshiti = 10^21
Kshobha = 10^22
Maha Kshobha = 10^23

Neethi Lamba = 10^27
Sarva Bala = 10^45
Thallakshana = 10^83

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Indian names for big numbers

Ganitha Kerala, the Kerala School of Astronomy and Maths, has given a lot of names for big numbers.

Like the Western

Myriad = 10^4
Million = 10^6

Indian names are

Shata = 10^2
Sahasra = 10^3
Ayutha = 10^4
Laksha = 10^5
Dasa Laksha = 10^6 ( Million )
Koti = 10^7
Dasa Koti = 10^8
Vrinda = 10^9
Kharva = 10^10
Nikharva = 10^11
Mahapadma = 10^12
Mahakharva = 10^13
Padma = 10^14

In the Western, we have

Million = 1000^2
Billion = 1000^3
Trillion = 1000^4


Nillion = 1000^(n+1)

where n is the number. Tri meaning 3 and trillion = 1000^(3+1)!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Of Mathematica Vedica

By one more than the one before

Ekadhikena Purvecha is Sanskrit for " One more than the previous one". This
sutra can be used for multiplying or dividing algorithms.

You can use this formula to compute the squares of numbers.

For example.

35×35 = ((3×3)+3),25 = 12,25 and 125×125 = ((12×12)+12),25 = 156,25

By the sūtra, multiply "by one more than the previous one."

35×35 = ((3×4),25 = 12,25 and 125×125 = ((12×13),25 = 156,25

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Commodities Astrology !

Commodities Astrology ? Gold has risen to $1600, after touching $1921.

We are in the midst of a commodity bull market cycle, which started in
2000. We have been advocating buying gold, from $900 onwards. Silver
has gone upto $32 and lead and others are following suit. Increased
demand from China and India and the bearish nature of the stock market,
global cues all lead to this commodity bull market cycle.

Gold price is inversely proportional to the Dollex, the USDX. Jupiter rules gold. More info at Zodiac Astrology and Stock Market Astrology

It was observed that a Bull Market Cycle lasts for 18 years. In 1982, we had the stock market boom and the bust of 2000. Not only the stock market, but the dot com market also went bust. This started the commodities bull market cycle and experts say it will last till 2016/18. So the stock market is on a decline, along with Realty and dot com. On the contrary, commodities have gone up.

There are many reasons cited for the commodities boom. A falling US Dollar, the China Effect ( more than 700 million Chinese will be added to the consumer class by 2020), the India Effect ( more than 300 million Indians will be added to the consumer culture), tight supplies, demand more than supply and the interest rate cuts by the Fed.

Astrologically Jupiter in Aries, about to enter Taurus in May 2012, is responsible for the commodities boom. He rules Gold and other precious metals. ( Gurum Kanchana Sannibham ).

These are the Correspondence between Planets and Metals

Sun - Copper and gold.
Moon -Silver.
Mars - Copper.
Mercury - Brass.
Jupiter - Gold.
Venus - Silver & Aluminium.
Saturn - Iron, Minerals & Crude.

It has been observed that when the Stock Market is in Recession, commodities go up and vice verse. Hence these years will seem a boom in commodities.

Some of the reasons cited for the commodities boom

The Fed will lower interest rates
Supplies of oil, grains and metals are very low and the possibility of producing more in the next few years is low
The Dollex, the USDX, may decline furthur
As the standard of living rises in Chindia ( China and India ), more consumption will be the order of the day, leading to heavy demand.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Gold Astrology

Gold is one of the best precious metals and we have been advocating buying gold at declines. We had started saying BUY Gold, when the price was $900 onwards. Now Gold is at $1628 for an ounce and still going strong.

The Oil Ministers decided in 2009 to trade oil in gold, yuan, yen and euro, as the Dollar was showing signs of weakness. This is one of the reasons why Gold is going up.

We have reports that billionaires like Soros and Bufett etc are taking up great positions in gold and buying mining companies.

It was observed that the Gold Price is inversely proportional to the Dollex, the USDX. Yesterday USDX went up by one point and gold declined from 1674 to 1645. Now it is at 1628 per ounce.

Jupiter represents Gold in Astrology. Now Jupiter in Aries is responsible for the secondary reaction happening in Gold. From a high of 1900 dollars, it is now at 1628.
You can draw your own conclusions !

Monday, October 03, 2011

Sensex drift lower, as Jove takes a negative stance

We had warned in our columns that the markets are headed southwards.

The Sensex is now at 16084. What a drastic fall. On global cues, it fell 300 odd points yesterday. The Return of the Bear ?

Weak sentiments prevailed on Dalal Steet. It is not surprising to the men that see, as the planet of Finance, Jupiter, transits the adverse 10th for India.

L & T fell heavily to 1312 and Siemens to 829.

It is better to hold on for the time being. Provisionally down at 1.73% on Greek default fears , the Sensex may take time to recover. The market is falling for the second, straight day. All the 13 sectoral indices on the BSE is in the red and index heavyweight, Reliance, is edging lower.

After good auto sales in September, auto shares were mixed. Metal shares fell across the board, as global commodity prices fell on global economic worries. JSW Steel fell, as reports of a CBI raid was rumoured.

Deficit in August was 14 billion, as 28 billion exports were achieved against a 38 billion import.