Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jupiter in the 11th catapults the Sensex !

The market is around 20000. If you have a long term perspective, you can go in for blue chips. Indian economy will quadruple in the next ten years and the Sensex will shoot upto 50 K !. Prima Facie, the market appears to be bullish. The Decoupling Theory states that India and China will not be affected by the global meltdown. India seems to be on the recovery path. However we advise caution while investing or speculating.

The quintessence of Contrarian Investing is that one should invest at the Nadir. But we dont know the Nadir yet. We will have to wait. Wait we must, as the world is going through a Global Financial Crisis.

Once the Nadir or the rock bottom level is got, again we must wait. Because the market may lie low for some months, after touching the Nadir !. Only when the market exhibits bullish signals should we buy !

You can play the Bear but we warn you about the Corrective Phase. Please read our latest articles. If you invest now, you will do so at your own risk. It will not be a bad idea to invest in the MCX, the Multi Commodities Exchange.

Commodities Astrology ?

Gold has risen to $1600, after touching $1921.

We are in the midst of a commodity bull market cycle, which started in 2000. We have been advocating buying gold, from $900 onwards. Silver has gone upto $32 and lead and others are following suit. Increased demand from China and India and the bearish nature of the stock market,

Jupitert redeems India !

All savants have praised Jove in the 11th, as He will foster gains of a high order. Jupiter in the 11th is indeed good and you can see the Sensex shoot beyond the 19 K levels.

Today,16012013, it breached the 20 K mark. Now it is at 20004 ! at 11 AM. That is what we have been broadcasting in our columns, Jove in the House of Gains, bringing gains for the investors in the stock market.

Two major policies, permitting FDI in Multi Brand Retail and Banking have seen the Sensex shoot up. Many are expectant that the Sensex may breach the Resistance Level of 21.3 K !

Foreign funds bought 611 crores worth stocks on Monday. The total FII investment in 2012 was $ 22 billion. We expect more or less the same investment, if not more, this year. Total turnover on the BSE was 2406 crores on Monday, 14012013. Nifty is above 6000. Core inflation eased in December. Market leaders, Bajaj Auto and Reliance edged higher.

With Multi Brand Retail coming into the equation - more than 5 billion USD will be invested in India, as 52 centers open up. More than 30,000 cr or $ 6 billion will be invested in the insurance sector within 5 years, as share of FDI has been hiked from 26% to 49%.

Negative Factors to be taken into account before investing

What are the negative factors, represented by Saturn in the Fourth?.

The export dream of $ 360 billion may not be realised this year. Exports have slowed down. Inflation is up, particularly food inflation. The monsoons have been errant and many parts of India have resorted to power cuts. There is draught in US and other countries. Even Kerala has been declared as draught prone. Agri production may be hit, as rains are less this year. Even the North East Monsoon is a failure, bringing in less 25 per cent rains ! God save India and the rest !

Astrologically Jupiter is pulling up and Saturn is pulling down and India is caught between the cyclical swings of boom and recession.

The market will fluctuate as usual and it is now steady at 19.9 K. But Jove in the 11th favours the enterprising. India and China are the two economies growing. India has already become the third largest economy by GDP

PPP, estimated at 4.45 trillion USD. In real GDP terms, however, she is 11th. Her IT exports were 79 billion last year. So India has great potential, along with China, who is growing at a faster rate.

In this context, the Indian stock market offers great opportunities for the investor and this is implied by Jovian 11th Transit. Adverse factors are represented by Saturn and high inflation and value erosion of rupee. So be wise while investing. In the long term you will succeed but you will have to wait and wait, as Saturn is adverse.

So we advise investors to enter at lower levels. Watch the market and buy at declines. Buy only blue chips !

Gold Astrology

On the other gold is up at $ 1682 per ounce and INR 92074 ! Our advice to our readers to buy gold - we have advocating that when gold was at $900 - has come good. The precious metals are indeed precious metals - silver, palladium and platinum.