Sunday, February 23, 2014

2014 may be turbulent for Indian stock markets !

The heavenly signs are not so good. Jove in the 12th spells trouble.

The Sensex does not know whether to go backwards or forwards. With Saturn in the 4th, angular, India is in for a torrid phase, both politically and economically.

Despite some boom in certain sectors like marine products , auto and tourism, there are many negative aspects to be taken care of, while assessing the stock markets. India is already burdened by a 390 b debt and 100 b + deficit ! 

So despite all talk about the Sensex going to 50 K by 2020, 2014 seems to be a troublesome period for Indian stock market.

Beware !

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Political Uncertainity indicated by adverse Saturn and Jove !

This is the Map of the Heavens for Feb 14. 

Jupiter in the 12th is bad. So is Saturn angular, in the 4th. So this is a period of considerable tension. The voters are caught in a dilemma. They do not know whom to vote for. Political parties promise, but do not fulfil their promise ! A case of suppresio veri, suggestio falsi !

We have a Messiah who wants to redeem India from the clutches of corruption. He has the Broom as his symbol, the broom which will clean Indian politics ! He has already emerged as a hero, and with his resignation has assumed an air of hushed up importance, the air of a martyr !

A scathing attack on the Hindus ( by American scholar Wendy Doniger ) has the nationalists angry. But then that can be dismissed as superficial judgement, a prejudiced view, without knowing the fundamentals of Esoteric Hinduism !

What about the deficit ? It is more than 100 billion ! What about the federal debt ? It is 390 billion. There is some slight surge in certain sectors in exports ( seafood, auto etc ) but then it is still minus !

So the present outlook is not so rosy. Elections will be over by April end. Till that time, let us watch and see. It is better to hold on to your stocks and shares, if you have any, as the heavens are not so optimistic !

Ket Jup   
Moo Mer
          Feb   2014
 Sat Rah  Mar

Sensex jittery as Election looms large !

The Sensex do not know whether to go southward or northward. Political trouble as the Delhi CM resigns. Kejri has given the impression that he is the statesman India needs. He says the corrupt are hindering him. He has sacrificed a lucrative career and opted for social activism. Then he renounced that social activism for political activism. Now he has renounced his  political position as the CM and now is the true Aam Admi, the common man, about to redeem the plight of the common man in India !

But will his intelligence bring home the bacon ? Many think so. He is confident of getting 50 Lok Sabha seats. He resigned saying that both Congress and BJP do not want to pass the Lok Pal Bill, the Anti Corruption Bill ! 

Now you ask, what has all this go to do with the Stock Market ? Everything ! Economics is linked to Politics. Latest surveys show that AAP may get 50 seats ( as Kejri foresees ), and Congress < 100 !

If BJP gets 272 + or if BJP gets around 200 and then with the help of the other parties forms a Government at the Center, the Sensex can soar !

If , on the contrary, it is a hung Parliament, with nobody getting majority, we are afraid the Sensex may not soar !

There are some optimists who predict that the Sensex may cross 50 K in 2020 ! Sky seems to be the limit ! But let us be realistic and we foresee hidden dangers for the Indian stock market !