Friday, May 23, 2008

Forex Reserves rise to 314 billion USD !

Inflaton, they say, is at 7.82 but it appears to be more.

India's forex reserves rise to 314 billion. India's exports of 07-08 is $ 155 billion. China's is 700.

Another disconcerting factor is the price of Crude above 130 USD. Indian Govt is considering fuel price hike. Diesel will be dearer by 5 rs and petrol by 10 rs.

Indian growth has decelerated and all experts say that 2008 will be a difficult year not only for India, but for the whole world. There are many in US who fear not a recession, but a Great Depression !

Today the Sensex fell by 257 points ! So be careful about investing and speculating in this Bear Market.